16 Scariest Deadliest Rivers in the World

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In many ancient cultures, rivers are considered as “living organisms” for creating the life around them and for having a behavior of their own, and our list of 16 scariest deadliest rivers in the world will give you an idea of how much “alive” they can be.

Rivers are one of the most fascinating yet indomitable creations of nature; they are vital areas for animals and plants as well as for men. It is known that the migration of birds, for example, generally follows paths marked by rivers and some trees use the flowing water to disperse their seeds. It’s undeniable that they have helped the man since the beginning of the human civilization as a source of nourishment, mean of transportation as well as defensive measures and lately as a source of energy. Therefore many important cities in the world are built in the banks of rivers.

Scariest Deadliest Rivers in the World


These streams of fresh water mostly originate high in the mountains from what is called a source and on their journey down to the ocean they transform the nature around them creating breathtaking landscapes. They play an enormous role in shaping the Earth through erosion, creating geological formations. But don’t be deceived by its beauty, many times these currents join other streams — let’s say, for example, thermal waters that cause the river’s temperature to rise even to the boiling point. Hard to believe, right? If you are wondering what is the hottest river in the world, the answer is Boiling River, and it’s located in the jungle of Peru. Another case where perception cannot be taken for granted is the case of the Lake of Death, Italy. What appears to be a peaceful lake, hides a high concentration of sulfuric acid capable of dissolving any object that falls into it.

In order to deepen our research of scariest deadliest rivers in the world, we will focus on the power and diversity of rivers. Precisely that allows us to classify them by many criteria. We have already dealt with similar topics when writing about rivers that grow bigger due to the tributaries joining the mainstream thus increasing the volume of water that they carry, in Top 10 Largest Rivers in the World by Volume. On the other hand, in 11 Deepest Rivers in the World, we wrote about deep rivers and their currents which make it impossible for swimming though they don’t always appear to be that dangerous. Those rivers can be good for navigation and transportation. And finally, we wrote about 11 widest rivers in the world, as well.

It is said that to enjoy the wonders that nature offers, you have to obey its rules. Otherwise, there are consequences. As water helps to create life, it can also destroy it. Rivers can cause terrible floods as it’s mentioned in The 10 Most Dangerous Rivers in the World and man has witnessed their power throughout the times. But rivers can become the scariest deadliest rivers of the world not only because of the force of the water but for many other reasons. For example, many of them shelter living forms that are hostile to human presence, or they contain types of harmful algae that cause illness if the water is swallowed, or even because of the hazardous chemicals poured into their waters. For this article on 16 scariest deadliest rivers of the world, we have researched through the vast range of river varieties, comparing different articles we already mentioned, and by investigating reports from sources such as National Geographic, as well as articles mentioned on the list below. Our ranking goes from the scariest water stretches which can go unnoticed if you are an unwary swimmer, passing by the rivers that have caused the deadliest floods and loses throughout history to finally get to the rivers with the scariest and deceitful currents and creatures. If you like swimming in nature the following list with will make you think twice before jumping into any of these scariest deadliest rivers of the world.

16. Belle Fourche River (USA)

The peaceful appearance of this river can change abruptly into turbulent waters and strong currents, which have caused accidents and claimed so many lives. In 2010 authorities decided to close a mile portion of the river in order to prevent future tragedies.

Scariest Deadliest Rivers in the World

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