16 Most Expensive Countries to Spend a Month in Europe

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Take a break and “treat yo self” to a vacation in one of the most expensive countries to spend a month in Europe because you only live once.

Living like a European, sitting at an outdoor cafe, drinking strong coffee and munching on a perfectly flaky croissant is one of my favorite past times. I love traveling anywhere in the world and learning about a new environment and culture. However, Europe holds a special place in my heart. That’s probably because I spent half a year leaving the easy-going life of the Spaniards, in Granada, Spain. Any place where a siesta is still very common and part of the city’s daily routine is the place for me. Also, anywhere where a glass of water is the same price as a glass of wine (you can expect to pay for water at most restaurants in Europe) is my kind of place — let’s face it, we’d all rather drink the wine.

most expensive countries to spend a month in Europe


Traveling doesn’t come cheaply, but it also doesn’t have to cost you your life’s savings. Some people prefer to travel on a budget and others prefer to spend lavishly on these new and exciting experiences. Whatever category you fall into, it’s smart to do some reading ahead of time, so you enjoy and get the most out of your trip. If you’re interested in the cheapest cities in Europe to visit (and by default the cheapest European cities to live in) hop on over to our lists of the best places to spend a month in Europe and the best cities to spend a week in Europe on a budget.

Unless you are ready to part with a fair amount of money, this list of the most expensive cities to visit in Europe is not going to appeal to you. If money is not an issue for you, then you are really going to thoroughly enjoy this list, as we list the most expensive and lavish cities you can visit in Europe. On a plus note, some of the countries on our list are home to cheapest European cities to fly into, so at least you can spend smartly in one category. Europe has always been the destination for extravagant trips for wealthy individuals, and given how big and beautiful Europe is, where do you actually go the get the royal treatment you deserve? Well, the methodology for this one is fairly simple, we scoured the internet and sources like Budget Your Trip, U.S. NewsLonely Planet and Google to find the most expensive European cities to live for a month.

For ranking, as the title of this article suggests, the more expensive a country is, the higher it has been ranked in our list of most expensive countries to spend a month in Europe. Budget Your Trip has approximated costs for every European country, and their data is gathered from real tourists, which includes things like accommodation, average meal cost in Europe 2017, and traveling expenses. It is a good way to get an idea of how much you will need if you were to stay in a given European country for a month. One more thing to note here is that we are only considering the expense for a single person, if you are traveling in a group, then your expenses will obviously change.

Start packing and get our list of most expensive countries to spend a month in Europe started.

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