16 Best Places to Spend a Month in Europe

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Everyone should have the time and opportunity to enjoy the world for an extended period, so here are the best places to spend a month in Europe.

Nothing quite compares to having a month to spend frolicking around a European countries enjoying, good food, coffee & tea, and learning about the history that dates hundreds and hundreds of years. Having a week in a place is great and allows you to explore a major city, but a month gives you time to see much more of what a country has to offer. It even doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to spend a month somewhere. If you’re traveling on a budget, you probably want to start with the cheapest European cities to fly into, like Milan, Vienna or Dublin to name a few, then go from there. The time of year of your traveling is important too.  Eastern Europe offers some of the best places to visit in Europe in summer because they’re probably not as crowded as everywhere else, and you certainly don’t want to visit those countries in the winter.

Our list is a combination of a ton of great cities that we believe can be the best places to spend 1 month. Some of these countries are also considered to be some of the cheapest places to travel in the world (by European standards), so we’re not trying to break the bank here. If you are really strapped for cash, some of these countries are also some of the best places to backpack in Europe as most European countries are, so you will get around pretty inexpensively once you get there. However, if a month-long vacation just isn’t possible for you, take a look at our list of best cities to spend a week in Europe on a budget.

16 Best Places To Spend A Month In Europe


If you are planning a fairly long trip to Europe, then you certainly want to make the most of your time there. Pretty much every European country has tons to offer for visitors, especially if you’ve never been there. If you’re going to travel for a month, the best thing is to be open and flexible. To find the countries that are suitable for a month long trip, we sought help from various websites, such as US NewsRough Guides and Lonely Planet. We also put Google’s search engine through its paces as well.

When it came down to ranking our selections, we went with the average cost per month for a single tourist for ordinary traveling expenses such as food and lodging. Thankfully, the data was already available at Budget Your Trip. Since airfare varies based on where you are starting from, we did not include that into our costs. The lower the average cost for traveling in a country per month is, the higher we ranked the country. Europe may not be the biggest continent in the world, but there are a lot of countries in Europe, and talking about all of them is just not possible in the short premise of this article. This is why we are going to talk about the top countries based on their ranking on international tourist arrivals. The data about that are available at the World Tourism Organization’s website.

Now, we think it’s about time we get on with our list of best places to spend a month in Europe.

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