16 Companies That Spend the Most on Advertising

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Advertising is crucial for every company’s successful run in the business, but which are the 16 companies that spend the most on advertising and are giving others a run for their money? Ads are all around us. And, to stand out in the clutter, companies need to shell out an equally attractive budget. From the production of ads to securing media, millions are being spent every day. The equation is simple, if they are not investing in advertising enough, they are falling behind.

Multi-million brands don’t get created overnight. It requires time and investment and a whole lot of care and nurture to turn them into customer preferred brands. So why is advertising so important? To catch consumer’s attention and captivate their memories it is important that brands are being seen more than their competitors. Only the brands that are more pro active are ultimately bought off the shelf. Everybody is vying for top-of-mind awareness and that means they need to remind the consumers of their presence, repeatedly. With a number of new media coming up companies are hell bent on exploring them to the fullest. However, nobody is ready to sacrifice traditional media space at the same time. Since, traditional media is time-tested, it is still considered to be a great consumer influencer. So now we have online marketing and mobile marketing along with print, television and outdoor. That just means there has to be an influx of funds and even statistics are pointing to the same. Studies have shown that approximately $592.43 billion will be spent worldwide on advertising which is almost a 6% increase over last year.


Statistics have also shown that US alone had advertising agency revenue of up to $48 billion. That brings us to consider who the 11 Biggest Advertising Companies in the World are and who their clients are. We’ll see that some of the companies that spend most on advertising are also handled by these stalwarts of the ad world.

So let’s delve into checking out the biggest advertising spenders of the world today and their respective tremendous ad budgets that catapult them ahead of others.

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