16 Best Upbeat Pop Audition Songs for Female Singers

If you’re a performer, you probably already know the best upbeat pop audition songs for female singers, but if you don’t take a look at our list.

Usually, the female songs to sing for audition are classics or ballads, which you will find as the top choices on the long list of audition songs for female singers. However, song selection really just depends on the singer’s range. The great thing about music is that it has various genres and styles and many of the popular artists have unique styles and voices. While many idolize their favorite singers, becoming just like them, won’t help you stand out. The best way to make it in the industry is to be one of a kind — just ask Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Adele. Of course, to become a star, you have to brave auditions, win singing contests and get your name and voice out there. Some of the most prominent singing artists started the hard way, but with perseverance, they have reached their goal. From good pop audition songs for altos to pop rock audition songs for females, we have a bit of everything on this list.

16 Best Upbeat Pop Audition Songs for Female Singers

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Most female singers opt to choose a classic song which can better their chances of winning a contest or passing an audition. Some voices are in the range of alto or tenor, while some possess a power belter voice that can pull off high notes. If you’re looking to improve your singing prowess, karaoke is one way to do it, as there are plenty of choices that will suit your voice type. Some suggestions are here on our lists of best karaoke songs for tenors, best karaoke songs for altos, and the best karaoke songs for sopranos. If you seek professional help, enrolling in voice lessons is the best option.

A song you have chosen to sing for an audition must fit your style and something you are comfortable with, which is why we looked into some songs for female singers to cover. Most importantly, you want to show the jurors and the audience that you understand and have mastered the song. There are plenty of song choices to make our list, and we chose those that are actually used in auditions for contests like The Voice and X Factor. These upbeat pop songs for auditions are great options if you’re looking for something to wow the judges. We used the Rachael Burgess Blog, Sasha Jacques, and Google to find the songs for our list and ranked them in no particular order.

Clear your throat and take a look at our list of 16 best upbeat pop audition songs for female singers because it’s almost impossible to read through without singing a few.