11 Best Karaoke Songs For Tenors

You might not know your exact vocal style, but if you even vaguely know your range, you might be interested to know the best karaoke songs for tenors.

Sometimes you might roll up to karaoke and not know what to sing for your vocal range. Granted, karaoke isn’t really the time where you need to show off your best singing voice and make everyone envious of your talents, but you still don’t want to sing a song for a soprano if you’re a baritone. I don’t think that’ll go very well if you want to maintain some sense of dignity. It’s just like how I probably wouldn’t get up there and sing an Elvis Presley song because there is no way I can maintain that vocal for longer than a few bars.

11 Best Karaoke Songs For Tenors


If you’re blessed with a really wide range, song choice might not be something that’s stressful for you, and for that, I applaud you. For those of you who are tenors, though, this is an important compilation. A tenor is one of the highest of the male voice types and it’s a classical male singing voice. The vocal range is in the high C range. Tenor is to soprano as baritone is to alto if you’re familiar with choral vocal ranges and that makes any sense to you. The point is, men with a slightly higher vocal range are typically tenors and should sing along to the songs on this list. For the altos in the world, take a look at the best karaoke songs for altos.

In order to create this list of best karaoke songs for tenors, we took some recommendations from music enthusiasts on Quora. There’s no particular order with these songs as it’s a matter of personal preference because they all fall within the same range. Just pick the song you like the best or know the most words to and belt it out!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best karaoke songs for tenors.