10 Hardest Beauty Pageant Questions and Answers

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Understanding what the hardest beauty pageant questions and answers are is pretty easy when you have watched “Miss Congeniality” one hundred times on cable –as has yours truly. It is true that no speech will ever knock it out of the park as Gracie Lou Freebush’s, but some of these gals actually give her a run for her money. In fact, some of the questions I couldn’t answer myself, so if you think you are oh-so-clever, you might be in for a big surprise.

First and foremost, as you might see in our list of 12 Pageant Questions and Answers About Education, questions are not aleatory. There are categories, and contestants should be savvy in each and every one of them, if they don’t want to look like beautiful airheads.

Here, Pageant Answers provides us with the categories questions are usually divided into. It also gives pretty good examples, so I’ll hand those out, along with some personal comments:

– Important Fields: What is the biggest problem of our educational system?

Beauty Pageants might not be the biggest, but they aren’t helping either

– Awareness Questions: How does our OFW’s contribute to our economy?

I hope OFW stands for “Oh, Fuck, What???” because I’m clueless on what that is

– Role and Responsibility: In your own way, how can you help in our government’s programs?

Maybe stay out of it?

– Social Issues: What is wrong about abortion?


– Situation-based Questions: What if you are a hermaphrodite?

Dude, wtf.

– Science-related Questions: Who among scientists do you consider the best?

I think as long you don’t answer “Josef Mengele”, you’re safe.

– Definition of Words: What do you think about fracking?

I think this question is fracking evil.

10 Hardest Beauty Pageant Questions and Answers


Personally, I find it unfair that some queries are based on knowledge, while others are about opinion, but the world of pageants is not exactly “the fairest of them all”. In fact, given that the Universe is as wide, vast, and infinite as it can get, the contest sounds pretty rigged to me. I mean, out of all the galaxies, planets and stars –even those unknown to us- Earth has won EVERY YEAR. Either the contest is fixed, or women throughout the whole universe are ugly af.

Furthermore, let’s not forget USA president Donald Duck, used to own the Miss Universe Organization. Here’s a picture of him with 2002 Russian winner, Oxana Fedorova. For the king of capitalism, he sure likes his women soviet.

Now, usually I would make up both the questions and the answers, but this subject is such a rich well of ridiculousness, embarrassment and sometimes even absolute brilliancy, there was no need to tamper with the data. I will provide you with real questions, real answers, and just add my comments on the side, so that I can still feel smart and funny. Now, let’s see our list of hardest beauty pageant questions and answers. So, please click next and be amazed by these demonstrations of… something!

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