15 States with the Highest STD Rates in the US in 2018

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Do you know which are the states with the highest STD rates in the US in 2018? Well, it is about time you learn about them, as this is the rising issue not just in America, but other parts of the world as well.

Sex is fun and interesting practice, let’s put it like that. However, it can have its negative sides, as well. Yes, you guessed it, the STDs or the Sexually Transmitted Diseases. I think that sexually active people are well aware of their existence, but the question is, do they protect themselves enough? Quite often, condoms are not enough protection. I am not saying that you should take pills and in the same time sleep with condoms (let’s not exaggerate), but, I have an urge to strongly emphasize in this article, the importance of doing regular gynecologist or urologist check-ups.

Why do I think this is so important? Firstly, by doing it, you will be sure that you are healthy. Moreover, unnecessary worrying will be gone. Easy as that! Secondly, I am not sure if you are aware of the percentage of the STDs around us. We all think it is not so possible to happen to us, but if we look at the statistics, we will realize that not only it is very present, but the rates of the three most common STDs are also increasing. According to the Vox, gonorrhea increased by 18.5 percent, syphilis by 17.6 percent, and chlamydia by 4.7 percent between 2015 and 2016 in America.

States with the Highest STD Rates in the US in 2018

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So, now you probably wonder what state has the highest STD rate? Just wait a bit longer, the results are in the text below. But, what we can tell you right away is that some of the states with lowest STD rates in the US are New Hampshire, West Virginia, Vermont and Utah, to mention a few. Moreover, if you are interested in most sexually diseased cities in America, we advise you to read about it in our previous article – 25 Cities with the Highest STD Rates in America. Furthermore, to cover the topic completely, you can also give a glance at the 10 Colleges with the Highest STD Rates in America. Maybe you will think twice when going on a vacation in one of these cities or when it comes to deciding which college to apply for!

In a lack of data for this year, we had to use the most recent ones. So, we consulted the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Report for the year 2016 published by Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, as the most relevant source. However, just in case, we searched for more available suggestions online, so we checked websites such as the US news, Civilized Life and STD Aware, to see if we can find the STD rates by state ranking for the last year. It turned out that the list of states with highest STD rates in 2017 was pretty much the same as the list made according to the STD rates by state in 2016. As the STD Report is an official document, we decided to use their results in order to create our list. So, we checked the chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis rates in the states ranked highest in the report, and calculated the average. For the reference’s sake, we used the list for the primary and secondary syphilis. The ranking goes from the state with the lowest STD rates per 100,000 people, to the state with the highest rates on the top of the list. Some would think Florida has the highest STD rates because of all the parties. However, that is not the case – we claim, Florida is not the most sexually diseased state. It is not even on the list!

In order to find out which one is, here it is – the list of states with the highest STD rates in the US in 2018!

15. Texas

Chlamydia Rate: 520.4 per 100,000 people

Gonorrhea Rate: 154.6 per 100, 000 people

Syphilis Rate: 7.1 per 100, 000 people

Texas has been on the lists of the states with the highest STD rates since forever! When we compare it to the Report from the year 2015, we could see that only chlamydia rates have decreased, while gonorrhea and syphilis rates got higher.

States with the Highest STD Rates in the US in 2018

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