10 Least Sexually Active Countries in The World

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Throw some cold water on that fire, it’s time for the 10 least sexually active countries in the world. 

As someone who wrote the first queer sex guide for Cosmo–I love sex. However, there are certainly times and places where sex is the farthest thing from my mind–while eating Chinese food, during most parades, anytime I smell eggs, when I visualize elected officials, and other inappropriate moments. Sexiness is a fine balance. It’s like listening to an R. Kelly song, without remembering how gross R. Kelly is.

Sex doesn’t have to be sexy–it can also be fun and funny. Sexiness is subjective and what works for one could be a huge turnoff for someone else.  An anonymous friend wants to jump her boyfriend’s bones every time she hears the song “Clocks” by Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex-husband, whereas that song makes me want to gutpunch a radio–the coldest play of all.  To each their own.

Thinking too much about what puts you in the mood can put you right out of it too. Sometimes people just aren’t in it to begin with. For a number of reasons, there are certain places in the world–specific countries where the majority of boots have not knocked.  Or if they have knocked they don’t do so anymore. Sex in some of these places is much like opportunity, it only knocks once.

10 Least Sexually Active Countries in The World


The specific reasons for this vary from country to country. For instance, there are many countries trying to evolve or organize governmental systems, which will be adequate for their modern citizens. By that, we mean the system which is not controlled by a religion and its laws–a country which has democratic values and gives the opportunity to every individual to live life according to the beliefs. So, when we speak about the sexual freedom we mean: the rights for talking about sex, sexual education in schools, showing sex on the TV and lack of censorship, gay and trans rights, etc.

A good deal of countries in the world have very strong and restrictive politics about expressing sexuality, because those countries can’t confront their religious organizations or don’t want to get into conflict with churches and religious laws. Some of them are developing countries with governments that don’t have full authority and have to act in according to church’s laws.

The United States and the most countries in the Europe, grant most sexual freedoms to its citizens–especially relatively speaking. But we must ask ourselves, are these countries most sexually active or least sexually active countries in the world? That is a very interesting question and we can provide an answer through an example. We can compare two countries, Germany which is one of the most developed countries in Europe and Nigeria which is a far less developed country in Africa. On this chart from The World Bank site we can see that Nigeria has higher birth rate index.  Based on this chart we can conclude that Nigeria has very stable population growth compare to Germany popularity index, which remains steady during last few years.

In the modern and developed country, every individual has to work during the most time of the day to earn money to pay bills, to buy food, to buy a car, etc. On the other hand, less developed countries like Nigeria, people have more time to spend with each other, because those societies aren’t yet as capitalistic and the citizens don’t have high living costs like in Germany. So there is more time to have more social or sexual activities which may result in making babies.

We should point out that not all sex is consensual anywhere. People (mostly women) can be forced into sex in the case of rape, which happens everywhere, or coerced into sex–whether they are sex workers who are literally forced or situationally pushed into sex–or in less direct ways including being pushed by social mores and/or religious laws to marry young and produce offspring. Nigeria also has a large issue with sex trafficking–including women as sex workers to countries like Italy. 

On the example above with Germany and Nigeria, we have proven that more sexual freedom doesn’t mean more sexual activities, more babies and more population in general. We have already written about The 10 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World and now we will discover which are 10 least sexually active countries in the world. For this, we have used two indicators: birth rate and a number of sex activities per year. Firstly, we have identified the most expensive countries in the world, and for each one, we added information about birth rate and the number of sex activities during one year.

Now it is time to share our results with you. Here is the list of 10 least sexually active countries in the world.

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