The 10 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World

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Without a doubt, we all have wondered which are the most sexually active countries in the world, and maybe even fantasized about moving to such uninhibited locales. It’s also an interesting study for several other reasons, helping us to uncover why some countries or regions are more sexually active or repressed than others.

Most Sexually Active Countries in the World

For example, does climate have something to do with sexual activity? What would be more inviting backdrop to having sex: a snowy freezing day at the top of a mountain village or a hot sweaty day at the beach? How much do cultural traditions and customs affect a country’s sexual frequency? Is sex regularity influenced by ethnic origin? Well, we do not have the answers to all of these questions, but we do have a ranking of the countries with the highest frequency of sexual encounters.

Condoms, the pill, IUD, the diaphragm… all of these contraceptive methods have definitely changed our sexual lives, in a positive way. The twentieth century brought about a significant shift in the attitude towards sexual intercourse; just think about the 60’s free love movement. And even to this day, medical breakthroughs are often related to sexual activity and its consequences (STDs for example). Just check out our list of The 7 Most Important Medical Advances of the Past Decade and find out which innovations made the cut.

In compiling this list, we ranked the different nations according to their annual average frequency of sexual intercourse, or more specifically, how many times a year its inhabitants have sex on average.  The data we used for this list of the most sexually active countries in the world was collected by an international condom manufacturer, and the results from that survey were later published by a German newspaper, Bild. The report revealed that the world average is 103 times a year, around twice a week. Moreover the country that has the least amount of sex in the globe turned out to be Japan at just 48 times a year, less than once a week. Could that possibly be a factor in why Japan, an otherwise seemingly idyllic nation with a strong economy and almost zero crime, happens to be one of the Countries with the Highest Suicide Rates in the world?

The Bild-published study also inquired about the importance citizens place on sex and the duration of their sexual encounters. On this last question, Nigeria and Greece scored the highest and got the title of the countries that have the longest sex, with 24 minutes and 22.3 minutes respectively. Regarding the importance of sex, Thailand came out last with only 38% of the population who believed that sex was a significant part of their lives. On the other end, 80% of the Greek population considers sex utterly relevant. Another interesting fact unveiled by the study is that almost every continent made it to the top ten, showing that despite cultural differences, beliefs and practices, when it comes to sex, the countries that are getting the most action are not concentrated in one place but scattered around the globe.

Are you curious about the most sexually active countries in the world? Let’s take a look at the countdown and see where all the action is!

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