15 Most Important Medical Discoveries of 2018

Science has helped us in ways we never would have imagined possible, as evidenced by the 15 most important medical discoveries of 2018. Can you think of a time when even contracting the flu would result in inevitable death? Science has come a long way from the days when reaching your 30s was considered to be an actual achievement and now, someone passing away in their 50s is considered to be a shock.

However, shocking as it may seem, some people are even against medical advancements. Their argument is that the drastic improvements in medicine have increased the life expectancy of people significantly, and thus, raised the burden on the world’s resources. And while this may be a cause for concern, we must admire the developments in medicine which have improved our quality of life so significantly. If you are curious about other scientific discoveries, you may find 16 accidental scientific discoveries and inventions made by mistake to be an interesting reading material.

15 Most Important Medical Discoveries of 2018

Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock.com

Every year, incredible medical discoveries are made, discoveries which have often seemed impossible and yet, thanks to the sheer hard work and dedication of scientists all over the world, many people in need got some relieve. Some of the major discoveries made this year include combating cancer while making breakthroughs in cures or treatments for mental illnesses as well.

To determine the most important medical discoveries of 2018, we visited various websites and read articles, which discussed some of the life-changing medical discoveries, including Interesting Engineering, ACACert, and Insider, selecting those discoveries, which appeared on most of the sources. While the medical world sees breakthroughs happening all the time, the ones mentioned on this list are liable to change the medical field forever. Without further ado, here are the most important medical discoveries of 2018, starting with number 15: