16 Accidental Scientific Discoveries and Inventions Made by Mistake

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Have you asked yourself how many usual things we have around us were actually accidental scientific discoveries and inventions made by mistake? There are many certainly, and here we will see some of them.

Great scientists are usually those open-minded individuals, having great imagination and genius. Well, of course, not too open-minded because while “Keeping an open mind is a virtue…(but) not so open that your brains fall out”, as it was nicely said by Carl Sagan. But anyway, many of the accidental scientific discoveries that changed the world actually happened due to the clumsiness or by chance, not even being close to investigate the things they accidentally came up with.

Accidental Scientific Discoveries and Inventions Made by Mistake


In order to explain the role of so called “accidental” discoveries played in the history of science, we can see that it is actually very high percentage of “accidental” discoveries in science – round 30% of discoveries happen by mistake or accident. While looking for some explanation or discovery there are a lot of unexpected things occurring in the way of scientific research, some of them being serendipitous and some just show up on their own. So whatever role the accidental had in science, there are surely many of those inventions made by mistake that had changed the world we live in. Some of these include accidental discoveries in physics, chemistry and on many other fields as we will see.

In order to make our accidental scientific discoveries and inventions made by mistake list looking for the scientific discoveries made by mistake, we have gone through some interesting resources such as Gizmodo, Storypick, Mental Floss, Scientific Scribbles, Popular Mechanics.

As we will see, some of the huge medical problems, for example, were overcome by the accidental inventions, but you might also check out other 10 biggest problems in the world that can be solved with inventions. But without further ado, surely you are impatient to which those accidental scientific discoveries and invention made my mistakes are. Well, what are you waiting for?

16. Gunpowder

It is maybe more of a legend, but whatever the real story behind the discovery of gunpowder, it is an interesting one. So, it was back around the year 850, when a Chinese alchemist was experimenting in his quarters trying to find the elixir for a lengthening of life. So whatever was that he meant to use for making this elixir, he invented a substance that has changed the world ever since.

Accidental Scientific Discoveries and Inventions Made by Mistake

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