15 Most Dangerous Gangs in America in 2018

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If you want to know which gangs are the most dangerous gangs in America, you are at the right place because we will tell you more about 15 most dangerous gangs in America in 2018.

Originally, word gang did not have a negative context. Its roots are connected to journey or verb “to go”, and it was usually used to refer to a group of “things or people which go together”. Nowadays the word “gang” is closely associated with criminal activity. If you look up world top gangster lists, you will probably come across very familiar names like Pablo Escobar, El Chapo, Al Capone and many others, who are often also on the lists of richest underworld dons in the world. They built their empires on illegal activities (mostly), and if you look for information for richest gangsters alive today, the most common name you will come across is that of Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, nicknamed “El Chapo” for his short stature (5’6”). He’s still alive and kicking and no wonder that he is one of the top 10 gangsters in the world in 2017. Speaking of gangsters, he managed to escape twice from the prison, the first time in 2001. The second attempt was in 2015 when he escaped from a maximum security prison. However, he was captured and put back in prison. If you want to know more about notorious and biggest and worst gangsters in the world today, make sure to check our list of 26 most feared biggest gangsters in the world and find out who was the most powerful gangster in the world as well as the most feared gangster ever.

Most Dangerous Gangs in America in 2018


Gangsters are present everywhere in the world, but we are most familiar with those from the USA and Latin America (and a couple of European countries). Usually, top 10 mafias in the world are, in fact, located in these areas. However, there are a lot of notorious gangsters in other countries as well. For example, top 10 gangsters in India are (almost) as notorious as western ones but are rarely mentioned. They are involved in drug and human trafficking, etc., but some of them were involved in Bollywood film industry, being filmmakers themselves or focusing on money extortion from celebrities. When it comes to gangs in the USA, the public knows a lot thanks to the various movies and TV shows that cover these themes. Some of them are also part of our list of 11 biggest gangs in America which is based on the gangs in America statistics.

Gang membership and hierarchy varies from gang to gang but generally speaking, there are two main types of gangs: prison gangs and street gangs. Street gangs are a significant threat to a country, and they migrate from urban to suburban and rural communities expanding their influence and recruiting new members. The threat is amplified when street gangs reach regional and/or national level. Prison gangs also pose a serious threat since they often maintain a very strong influence over street gangs as well. They operate within state and federal prison systems as well as in communities outside the prison, most commonly through their former prison mates/fellow gang members. Usually, they control drug distribution from prisons. The third type of gangs are outlaw motorcycle gangs. Anyhow, in most cases once you join the gang, it will be very hard to leave it no matter what the reason is. There are exceptions, of course, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of 8 easiest gangs to join and get out of. as well.

In order to compile this list of 15 most dangerous gangs in America in 2018, we’ve consulted Federal Bureau of Investigation report from 2011 and 2015 about national gang activity in America. We’ve also checked out United States Department of Justice website and their report on growing gang activity as well as Neighbor Watch website. While choosing the gangs which would comprise this list, we focused mostly on prison and street gangs. In addition to the above-mentioned sources, we used additional research in order to rank them from least dangerous to most dangerous gangs and also to update the list with the latest information, since sources we used are from a past few years. Top of the list is reserved for well-known, violent gangs which will not cease to exist anytime soon. Number one spot is reserved for the gang which current administration and President Trump consider as the biggest threat. Let’s take a look.

15. Asian Boyz

Asian Boyz is one of the largest Asian American street gangs in the US. Members are mostly of Southeast Asian descent. They are involved in production and distribution of methamphetamine and marijuana. In 2011, founder of Asian Boyz, Marvin Mercado, got a life sentence without parole. Conviction of Mercado and some other senior members of the gang seriously diminished gang’s power.

Most Dangerous Gangs in America in 2018

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