15 Highest Paying Cities for Teachers

Teachers are not in their profession for the money, but rather the love, but these highest paying cities for teachers can make a living a little easier for educators.

At this point, whoever doesn’t think teachers are underpaid is a fool. Most teachers put in a lot more hours than the rest of us, while dealing with classrooms of energetic kids or moody teenagers all day. On top of this, many of them barely make enough money to survive between the cost of living and paying off student loans. Instead of getting a much-anticipated summer break from it all, they instead have to turn to part-time jobs or summer school to make ends meet. Thinking about this makes you wonder, just where are teachers paid the most in the world? Well, we know the answer to that is not the U.S. Rather it’s countries like Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Germany who pay their teachers the best, which you can learn more about with this list of highest paying countries for teachers.

15 Highest Paying Cities for Teachers

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We all know the United States could step up the game on education — especially when it comes to teacher salary. Just take a look at the lowest paying states for teachers in our article on the states where teachers earn the lowest salaries, and you will see what we’re talking about. As in any career, salaries for teachers differ based on location, as the cost of living changes. The best cities for teachers to live aren’t always the ones where they make the most money because those places are often too expensive when it comes to cost of living. A recent GoodCall study named the best places for teachers and some of them are Bentonville, Arkansas, Glenview, Illinois, and Burlington, Vermont. This “best city for teachers 2017” study was based on how far a teacher’s salary goes based on the cost of living. These areas are probably among some of the happiest teachers state because they don’t have to stress so much on how to make ends meet.

According to Niche Blog, the national average starting teacher salary is around $36,000, and the average teacher salary is around $56,383 (which takes some time to get to). Since the cost of living varies by state and city, we decided to look into the highest paying cities for teachers rather than the highest paying teaching jobs by state to come up with this list. Our main sources for gathering this information were Indeed, GoodCall, and Google. We have ranked the cities on our list by salaries – the higher the salary, the higher is city placed on our list. Keep in mind that many of these salaries are higher, due to a higher cost of living in that city or area. However, we did not include cost of living in ranking. So, let’s out list of highest paying cities for teachers.