10 States Where Teachers Earn the Lowest Salaries

If you work in the field of education, these 10 states where teachers earn the lowest salaries are the ones to avoid.

Although the United States ranks number 12 among the 13 Highest Paying Countries for Teachers, there is such inequality between the salaries of different states that many teachers find themselves discontented with the compensation they receive in exchange for their devotion and hard work. The number of new teachers entering the profession has plummeted and undoubtedly, this disparity is one of the major factors leading to the decline.

10 States Where Teachers Earn the Lowest Salaries


The decrease in the supply of teachers, coupled with the climbing demand, has caused the US to face a dearth of educators, which is an alarming situation for a nation that considers education an absolutely vital part of its development. Furthermore, teaching has become a profession that parents do not desire for their kids. 43% of them have clearly said so, according to this poll conducted by Gallup.

With this crisis in mind, we decided to compile the US states where teachers are the unhappiest with their pay. We picked up salary data separately for teachers of each level from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data for post-secondary teachers, however, was extracted from DataUSA, as the Bureau did not provide numbers for all states in this regard. The figures thus obtained were summed up and averaged for the final product which you can see below.