15 Most Annoying Email Newsletters to Sign Horrible People Up to

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In this day and age of high technology, pissing people off on the internet is not hard, and if you’re really trying to get back at someone, our list of the most annoying email newsletters to sign horrible people up to just might be the trick.

We all have that one friend, or worse, a lot of friends, who are just plain annoying. It could be the office bully, your constant frenemy, a know-it-all colleague, or everyday people who just irk you by existing. We have different pet peeves, which only goes to show how varied our ideas are when it comes to what’s annoying and what’s not. If you’ve had it with that person, but you’re a decent human being and not trying to harm them, there are lots of passive-aggressive ways to get back at them. For instance, sign them up for a really annoying email newsletter that will pop up in their inbox multiple times a week.

You may be asking why signing these people up in annoying email newsletters would do you any good. Well, for starters, we all get irked when we get excited about an email notification, thinking it is the news we are waiting for, only to find out that it’s a spam email. These email newsletters are sent to promote a company’s products and/or services, which could be okay at first, but gets annoying when you get them too many times in a week.

While we have different ideas on what’s annoying and what’s not, it all boils down to receiving things we are not even a bit interested in. Imagine someone bugging you about children’s stuff when you’re single and loving the way you live life on your own, or a wedding website sending you great deals on gowns and flowers when you had just broken up with your beau. There are hundreds of thousands of websites around the internet, most of which are using newsletters to reach out to their target market.

It would also be interesting to know about the Most Annoying Business Phrases and Buzzwords, which you could slip into your own emails to that person getting on your nerves.

Newsletters are almost always free, which makes it even easier to just sign up anyone you wish to annoy. It has become a popular way of getting back to annoying people since you wouldn’t end up in a physical fight and you don’t have to pay for anything. Plus, there are just so many options to choose from. Just know what irks them the most and go from there. Annoying email newsletters usually contain almost nonsensical stuff about nothing you care about.

When you search the internet about annoying email newsletters, you are most likely to come up with a diverse category of emails, such as newsletters from realtors, kids’ clothing companies, parenting websites, news sites, and so much more. In looking for the most annoying email newsletters to sign horrible people up to, we had to search the internet for credible sources on annoying email newsletter subscriptions. We were able to find informative and relevant articles from Yahoo, App Store Chronicle, and Fortune. We took every email newsletter mentioned in all three sources and included them all in this list. The newsletters on our list came up the most in our searches, but there is no quantitative way to rank them on the list.

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