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15 Free, Best Story Driven Android Games in 2018

If you are looking for free, best story driven Android games in 2018 then you have stumbled upon the right web page.

The thing is, even a few years back mobile phone gaming was something that people indulged in when they had to kill a few minutes while waiting for a ride or in a queue. However, the advent of smartphones changed everything. Nowadays, smartphone gaming scene even rivals that of the PC and consoles’ in terms of revenue earned. So naturally more and more talented people and big companies are getting interested in smartphone game development. In this list, we will talk about free Android RPGs with good story. Why do we want to make such a list you ask? Well, there are already quite a few titles on Android that are story driven, but most of them are not free to play. This is the reason we decided to make a list of Android story games for people who are not really sure about the platform’s capabilities yet and do not want to commit real money.

Free, Best Story Driven Android Games in 2018


Although the smartphone gaming scene has exploded, many people still play only casual games on Android devices. But you can rest assured, if you give the games on this list a try, you are going to get hooked for good. This list contains some of the best story RPGs for Android and best free adventure games for Android. However, you can expect some games to push in-app purchases or in-app advertisements. But these things hardly ever subtract from the experience. Anyway, if you do not mind spending a few dollars on a good story driven game, then do check out the list of 7 Android games with best story lines. There you’re probably going to stumble upon some of the best Android games of all time. We also recommend that you check out 16 Best Free Android Games Without Ads or In App Purchases if you really find the ads annoying.

For our list, we sought help from various websites that specialize in Android apps and games like, Android AuthorityAndroid Games Room and of course Google Play Store. We also snooped around various forums including but not limited to Reddit. For any additional information, we used Google’s trusty search engine. This is how we basically collected data for our research. Now since we are talking about the best story driven games out there, we had to make sure that we rank our list properly. So, for ranking the games, we used Google play stores’ own ranking system, which is pretty reliable. So basically, the higher rating a game has, the higher we have placed it on our list.

Shall we start with our list of 15 free, best story driven Android games in 2018?

15. Syberia

Play store rating: 3.9

We are starting off our list with Syberia, the acclaimed PC title way back from the heyday of point and click adventure games. However, it got ported to Android, and the port is totally faithful to the original version. You get the same pre-rendered backgrounds and animated characters. It is basically a 1 to 1 copy of the PC game that you can now enjoy on the go. If you played adventure games back in the day, then you probably have played this one already. However, it is definitely worth a second playthrough after all these years. The story and characters all hold up even to this day’s standards.

The following five games share the 10th place on the list.

10. Oceanhorn

Play store rating: 4.3

Next up on our list of free, best story driven Android games in 2018 is Oceanhorn, which is a story-driven RPG. Since this is a list of story driven games, you can expect to see a few RPGs here, as RPGs tend to have really rich storylines to follow, and also have plenty of secondary quest lines to pursue as well. The game is pretty good story-wise, however, falls short in the graphics department a little bit. If you like highly stylized “chibi” aesthetic, then give this game a try.

10. Minecraft: Story Mode

Play store rating: 4.3

The first Telltale Games entry to make it on the list of free, best story driven Android games in 2018. If you have played their games before, then you already know that they release their games in episodic format, and this one is no exception. The first episode is absolutely fee, but if you want to play the next episode, then you will have to shell out some cash. The game is set in the Minecraft’s gorgeous voxel-based universe. You ask what the story is? Well, it’s a Telltale Games’ tile so you can rest assured that the story is amazing. Oh! And the game is also fully voice acted.

10. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Play store rating: 4.3

The Final Fantasy games have always been praised for their intricate storytelling and compelling gameplay. This title is also no exception. Awesome characters, an in depth story and an interesting combat system (turn-based) makes it a perfect little package for people looking for the story driven game play experience. The graphics is also pretty cool.

10. Dead Effect 2

Play store rating: 4.3

To be honest, first-person shooters with a good story is rather hard to find. However, this title pulls it off perfectly. The game takes place aboard the ESS Meridian. The same spaceship featured in the previous title. You wake up from your cryo-sleep to duke it out with unearthly monsters and zombies in outer space. To be honest, this has been done many times, but Dead Effect 2 does it just a little bit better.

And now, let’s see the top ten best android games that are story driven and free.

10. Star Fall

Play store rating: 4.3

This is a really cool game with amazing graphics. The story is also pretty good, and presented to you in short bite-sized chunks. However, the story mode is rather short for a game like this. But you are getting a triple A quality game for free. We recommend that you check it out, and you just might fall in love with this game.

9. The Wolf Among Us

Play store rating: 4.4

The Wolf Among Us is yet another Telltale Games’ offering. It is fully story driven game and done extremely well thanks to all the effort the developers put into the game. It is basically a highly polished triple-A title, that you get to experience for free. However, you need to shell out cash for experiencing more episodes.

6. 41148

Play store rating: 4.5

Do not let the name of the game confuse you. When you start to play the game, the weird title will start making sense to you. The game is done in the same style of highly successful games like Inside, Limbo and Little Nightmares. And keeping with the theme of this article, the game offers a pretty good storyline that will instantly suck you in.

6. The Walking Dead: Season One

Play store rating: 4.5

We are halfway through our list of free, best story driven Android games in 2018 and at number 7 we have The Walking Dead: Season One. Another Telltale Games’ title to make it into the list. The season 3 is already out, so you can now play The Walking Dead: Season Two, for free as well.

6. Tales from the Borderlands

Play store rating: 4.5

If you love highly stylized cel-shaded graphics, and an awesome story to sink your teeth into, then this is the game for you. Telltale Games shine the brightest when it comes to storytelling, and their tie-in game with the famous PC Borderlands franchise is no exception.

Are you ready for the top 5 story games for Android that you can download for free?

3. The Day We Found Earth

Play store rating: 4.6

An amazing story told from the perspective of a robot Emeth. Yes, a highly emotional story that revolves around a machine. Despite this fact, the game is really interesting, and will tug at your heartstrings just the right amount. The sound design is also remarkable in this game.

3. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Play store rating: 4.6

Another Final Fantasy game makes it into the list of free, best story driven Android games in 2018. Well, when it comes to story telling, Final Fantasy has a lot to offer. Even though it is an Android game, the story and character development shines through the limitations of the platform. A worthwhile experience to sum it all up.

3. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

Play store rating: 4.6

We already included one Walking Dead game on the list of free, best story driven Android games in 2018, but this does not mean we cannot include another one right? After all, this one is totally different than the one mentioned before. This one plays like a turn-based RPG in the vein of the Final Fantasy series. This one is also the official game of the Walking Dead TV series.

1. Rocket of Whispers

Play store rating: 4.7

You have to take a game seriously when it has 4.7 rating out of 5. It is more of an interactive movie than a game; they even included an option where you can basically sit back and enjoy just the story by removing the difficulty from puzzles. The story is wacky, but every bit interesting and captivating.

1. The Alchemist Code

Play store rating: 4.7

The Alchemist Code is Japanese RPG done to almost perfection. Like pretty much every Japanese RPG it boasts robust turn based combat, and in this game, they have added the so called advantageous higher ground mechanics. And of course, the story is every bit as compelling as any top-notch Japanese RPG, like the Tails series or the Final Fantasy series. Therefore, we highly recommend this series to everyone who loves good stories and does not mind the turn-based combat system.

This wraps it up for our list of 15 free, best story driven Android games in 2018.