15 Free, Best Story Driven Android Games in 2018

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If you are looking for free, best story driven Android games in 2018 then you have stumbled upon the right web page.

The thing is, even a few years back mobile phone gaming was something that people indulged in when they had to kill a few minutes while waiting for a ride or in a queue. However, the advent of smartphones changed everything. Nowadays, smartphone gaming scene even rivals that of the PC and consoles’ in terms of revenue earned. So naturally more and more talented people and big companies are getting interested in smartphone game development. In this list, we will talk about free Android RPGs with good story. Why do we want to make such a list you ask? Well, there are already quite a few titles on Android that are story driven, but most of them are not free to play. This is the reason we decided to make a list of Android story games for people who are not really sure about the platform’s capabilities yet and do not want to commit real money.

Free, Best Story Driven Android Games in 2018


Although the smartphone gaming scene has exploded, many people still play only casual games on Android devices. But you can rest assured, if you give the games on this list a try, you are going to get hooked for good. This list contains some of the best story RPGs for Android and best free adventure games for Android. However, you can expect some games to push in-app purchases or in-app advertisements. But these things hardly ever subtract from the experience. Anyway, if you do not mind spending a few dollars on a good story driven game, then do check out the list of 7 Android games with best story lines. There you’re probably going to stumble upon some of the best Android games of all time. We also recommend that you check out 16 Best Free Android Games Without Ads or In App Purchases if you really find the ads annoying.

For our list, we sought help from various websites that specialize in Android apps and games like, Android AuthorityAndroid Games Room and of course Google Play Store. We also snooped around various forums including but not limited to Reddit. For any additional information, we used Google’s trusty search engine. This is how we basically collected data for our research. Now since we are talking about the best story driven games out there, we had to make sure that we rank our list properly. So, for ranking the games, we used Google play stores’ own ranking system, which is pretty reliable. So basically, the higher rating a game has, the higher we have placed it on our list.

Shall we start with our list of 15 free, best story driven Android games in 2018?

15. Syberia

Play store rating: 3.9

We are starting off our list with Syberia, the acclaimed PC title way back from the heyday of point and click adventure games. However, it got ported to Android, and the port is totally faithful to the original version. You get the same pre-rendered backgrounds and animated characters. It is basically a 1 to 1 copy of the PC game that you can now enjoy on the go. If you played adventure games back in the day, then you probably have played this one already. However, it is definitely worth a second playthrough after all these years. The story and characters all hold up even to this day’s standards.

The following five games share the 10th place on the list.

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