7 Android Games with Best Story Lines

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While mobile gaming isn’t particularly popular for having story-rich games at all, these  7 Android games with best story lines will surprise you. They may not have what it takes to compare to the 16 best selling video games in 2015 but if you are an avid Android gamer with a powerful enough device and the will to try something new out, this list is just for you. The games are ranked by me, the author of this article, having spent months in pursuit of a good story-driven game on Android. They are generally ranked in how rich and easy to get into and follow their story is, combined with how accepting the average user would be to do all that.

Android has been around as a popular OS for a while now and while it has seen some impressive expansion on the market and development that allows it to accommodate all sorts of devices, the gaming potential of the system has not yet been fully taken advantage of. Today’s average Android phone is orders of magnitude more powerful than every previous year and while in the early days of the operating system this might have not been quite a lot of power, today’s devices pack enough punch to play old PC games. Along with that, emulation of other gaming systems is also gaining immense popularity on Android and even though this captures only the older systems, it’s impressive enough to know a rule of thumb – a device should be at least three times as powerful as the one it tries to emulate in order to do so properly.

There are games that do push the various Android phones out there to the limit of their performance and those are usually games with flashy graphics and complex mechanics, all of which have a very arcade-like feeling to them and leave you with nothing but the thought of wasted time once you complete them. There are games which look absolutely gorgeous like Asphalt 8 or the Modern Combat series which are packed with action and completely successful in delivering a full blown gaming experience on a mobile phone. However, none of them fall close to having a good, juicy story line which will stay with you afterwards for at least as much as it took you to beat the game. This could be due to a number of reasons, the main of them being that it takes time and serious creative effort to make a good story-driven game that sells, both of which the mobile gaming industry can not really afford right now because churning out senseless games in a hit-and-miss manner is undoubtedly more profitable.

Let’s take a look at an honest list of games that are worth their money straight from the source.

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