15 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

While everyone else is interested in low stress jobs that pay well, you’re looking for 15 easiest minimum wage jobs with low stress. Curious.

Obviously, you’re aware that the higher the salary, the greater the responsibility and all stress that goes with it. Few people manage to have high salaries and still feel stress-free (or at least claim to be). It is more common for employees to complain about the daily tasks, contacts with clients, demanding presentations, constant deadlines… It seems a bit too much for one occupation, doesn’t it? Sometimes people wish just to put everything behind and do a job that is less paid, but much less demanding, too. Low stress minimum wage jobs are a reality, not a fairy tale, as will be shown down below.

Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

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Let’s now talk about the most common causes of stress. Before we state the results made by The American Institute of Stress (AIS), it should be noted that the feeling of stress is very personal and it varies from one individual to another. Working with money and figures can be challenging and palm-sweating for some, while others shy away from too many interactions with people. For those of you who are experiencing daily struggles and need to have some peace (doctor’s order), take a look at 10 low stress jobs for people with anxiety and depression disorder. Generally speaking, workplace stress can be provoked by various factors. In the end, main causes of stress expressed in percentages are people issues 28%, workload 46%, lack of job security 6% and juggling work/personal lives 20%. That was our starting point for the research. We tried to take into consideration jobs with minimum people interaction, and with good job outlooks. As for the workload, we dare say it is very individual and it varies greatly from one workplace to the other.

On the other hand, if you wish to know what the most stressful job in the world is, that is easy to tell. According to the  Forbes‘ coefficient, the most stressful job is done by enlisted military personnel. Firefighters and police officers came close to the first place.

Another step we took was to check which jobs could qualify for a stress free minimum wage jobs list, and we turned to the Bureau of Labor statistics. According to the information from State University and O*Net Online, game dealers, manicurists, and pedicurists are doing extremely stressful jobs. Hence, they were left out. As for the rest, once again we’re emphasizing that it is a personal trait whether you enjoy working more with people, or without too many interactions. The only reliable stress cause was the fear of losing a job. For that reason, we searched for job outlook forecasts at the Bureau of Labor, Career Outlook, College Grad, and Truity to tell us which are easy minimum wage jobs to get. The jobs were thus ranked from the lowest to the highest percentage of possible employment. In cases of equal figures, the job which requires less interaction with people came higher (since people issues are a major stress source).

Also, if you’re wondering what careers pay well, we can offer you a list of 11 low stress jobs with high pay. Should you be looking for some easy jobs to get with no experience, we definitely recommend reading our article about 10 easiest jobs to get hired on the spot. We could say they also qualify for the definition of low stress jobs without a degree because you needn’t have a college certificate for any of them.

Now, let’s see which are 15 easiest minimum wage jobs with low stress that are waiting for you.

15. Dishwasher

Job outlook: -4%

Median hourly wage: $8.88

Well, it may not pay well, but at least you’re on your own. Doing a manual job can come in handy if you’re fed up with people and their problems. Though job outlook chances look a bit bleak, it can’t be denied that even with the latest announcements of buying more machines, that never seems to happen, does it?

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

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14. Farmworkers and laborers, crop, nursery, and greenhouse

Job outlook: 0%

Median hourly wage: $8.98

For all nature lovers who have a green thumb, this is what you should do! In that perspective, these are the easiest jobs to have.

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress


13. Hosts and hostesses, restaurant, lounge, and coffee shop

Job outlook: 0.24%

Median hourly wage: $8.93

You’re the first person a guest sees on entering, so hopefully, you have a nice smile and good people skills.

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

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12. Lifeguards, ski patrol, and other recreational protective service workers

Job outlook: 0.67%

Median hourly wage: $9.11

The job of a lifeguard ranks 12th on our list of easiest minimum wage jobs with low stress. It isn’t as easy when someone is drowning, but there are plenty of pools where you’ll be in full control of the area. As opposed to a long beach.

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

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11. Cashier

Job outlook: 2%

Median hourly wage: $9.12

If you’re quick with your hands and can do a manual job and be at peace, this is for you.

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

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10. Bartender

Job outlook: 2%

Median hourly wage: $9.09

Being a bartender may be the most fun from 15 easiest minimum wage jobs with low stress.

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

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9. Ushers, lobby attendants, and ticket takers

Job outlook: 5%

Median hourly wage: $9.01

The job is pretty straightforward, and you can rest assured the stress is minimal. How hard is it to lead someone to his/her place, or collect tickets?

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

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8. Locker room, coatroom, and dressing room attendants

Job outlook: 5%

Median hourly wage: $9.01

What is the least stressful job? This one could take the title.

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

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7. Dining room and cafeteria attendants and bartender helpers

Job outlook: 5-9%

Median hourly wage: $8.89

You’ll be moving a lot, which could be a nice change from sitting all day in the office.

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress


6. Fast food cooks

Job outlook: 6%

Median hourly wage: $8.85

One of the benefits is the food, of course, but watch that cholesterol.

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

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5. Waiters and waitresses

Job outlook: 7%

Median hourly wage: $8.92

Though your median hourly wage is almost $9, imagine the tips.

4. Amusement and recreation attendants

Job outlook: 8%

Median hourly wage: $9.00

Being an amusement and recreation attendant is simply perfect for all of you who love working in entertainment.

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress


3. Combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food

Job outlook: 8%

Median hourly wage: $8.78

One more job on our list of easiest minimum wage jobs with low stress, in which talking to colleagues is reduced to a minimum.

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

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2. Shampooers

Job outlook: 10%

Median hourly wage: $8.80

As you have noticed, we are living at the time when people seem to be obsessed with good looks. And great hair.

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress


1. Models

Job outlook: 15%

Median hourly wage: $9.02

Admit it, you didn’t expect to see models in the first place of  15 easiest minimum wage jobs with low stress, did you? There’s a general opinion that this is one of the jobs with short hours and good pay, but it’s actually one of the lowest paid jobs in the US. Of course, this can turn out to be one of the careers that pay well. In millions, to be more precise, but only a small percentage of male/female models get there.

 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

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