11 Low Stress Jobs With High Pay

Today, in a world we live in, we are constantly facing a lot of stress, and the main source of it is our job and since you are scouting to see some low stress jobs with high pay, you know it is time to change something.

Just like decades ago there were, there are still many stressful jobs in the world which are often leading to some serious consequences to your overall health. Do you know what makes one job stressful? Sometimes it is the pressure not to make a wrong move which could be fatal, the fact that someone’s life is entirely depending on you and your knowledge, or the work environment itself, which can be toxic and bad for you. These are just a few examples why one job can be stressful and bad for you, and there are many more.

11 Low Stress Jobs With High Pay


It is very important for you to find a job where you will be surrounded with friendly co-workers who will make your day more interesting and will significantly boost your productivity. A well-organized working environment will give every employee specific instructions how to finish the assigned task and there won’t be any confrontations among colleagues about the task, which is often the main source of working stress. If you are suffering from anxiety, however, this list may not be the perfect one for you, because here we focus not only on the level of stress but also on the pay each job brings. But, don’t worry we got you covered as well with our list of Low-Stress Jobs For People With Anxiety and Depression Disorder.

It doesn’t mean if you are working your dream job that it won’t be stressful. For example, if you dreamed of being a surgeon since you were a kid and now you finally are, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel the pressure while you are operating a person because after all, it isn’t a small thing because another person’s well being depends on you. Also, if you always wanted to be an enlisted military personnel for example, that won’t take the stress out of the job. It would make it easier surely, but not completely stressless. Back in 2013, this job was ranked as the most stressful job.

While creating our list of low-stress jobs with high pay, we needed to consider a few things in order to make it accurate. First, we used CareerCast, Business Insider and Rate My Job as our sources to see what are the least stressful jobs. After we had collected the information from our sources, using Bureau of Labor Statistics, we found the median pay for each job. After we had found the median pay, we took the highest paying jobs and we sorted our list by it starting from the least to the highest paying one.