10 Low-Stress Jobs For People With Anxiety and Depression Disorder

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These 10 low-stress jobs for people with anxiety and depression disorder have a perfect work environment for people who need to avoid the urgencies and hectic pace that usually follow many of today’s jobs.

Anxiety and depression disorders are very serious conditions that can and often do crippling damage to people’s lives. Since they often lack obvious physical symptoms, they make it very hard for other people to feel empathy for a person that suffers from them, which puts a tremendous amount of stress on any personal relationship, including family ones as well.

Mentally healthy people can take a look at our list of Easiest Fields to Get a Job in, but sometimes the opposite is true for people with anxiety and depression disorders. Their triggers make them ill-suited for high-pressure environments found in many jobs. The constant pressure to meet deadlines and the buzzing of full office of people trying to get the job done are just some of the things that will force people who suffer from anxiety to stay home and off the job market since for them these are classical triggers that will activate their disorders. Not only is catastrophic for them as individuals and their families but for a society as a whole, since that means increased social spending that has to accommodate a larger number of unemployed people, most of them with substantial medical bills that will be paid from the taxpayers’ pocket, instead of an employers’.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many low-stress jobs that are suited for people with anxiety and depression disorder. Greg Weber, the author of Treating Anxiety Blog, lists several requirements that a job must fulfill in order to be considered anxiety-friendly. The minimal amount of stress is the most obvious one, but there are others that are equally important, like low levels of noise, lack of disruption, and an absolute minimum of interactions with other people, especially strangers. For people with social anxiety disorder, the last one is a nightmare. Disruptions and distractions can also be devastating since people with anxiety and depression disorder usually aren’t that great at multitasking and when forced to split their attention can easily get overwhelmed. You can see Greg’s recommendation for anxiety-friendly jobs here.

We compiled a list of low-stress jobs for people with anxiety and depression disorder below. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find one that suits you the best. Happy job hunting!

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