15 Easiest Argumentative Issues to Write About

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If writing long, argumentative essays has never been your thing, and you have one to write and impress your tutor, you will absolutely love our 15 easiest argumentative issues to write about!

Some people are just pure talents. Whichever topic they are given, their essays are brilliant. While some share their tricks, others remain silent about their secrets to excellent writing. But who are we kidding? Even when you know all the tips and tricks, writing an argumentative essay has never been one of your strengths. Until now, that is. With these easy argumentative issues, you’ll surprise yourself and your tutor!

However, there are some rules about writing you should bear in mind even with our choice. First of all, every person is different, so what sounds easy to you may not be the first choice of another person. Therefore, make sure you pick the topic that you personally feel have a lot to write about. Decide on your attitude from the beginning. Next, make a list of arguments for and against to create a balanced discussion. Finally, check your attitude once more. Perhaps it is going to be easier to support the statements which you actually disagree about. The good thing about an essay is that there is no right or wrong stand, as long as you are able to express yourself properly.

Let’s talk about the “easy” part for a moment. What makes a topic “easy” is a difficult question to answer. An easy topic should get you a high grade for your effort, shouldn’t it? In order to provide you with easiest argumentative issues to write about and to impress your tutor, we searched through School of Interior Design and Letter Pile. There were over a hundred essays, so how did we come up with our list of easy argumentative issues? First, we ruled out all the questions relating to abortion, gun control or the death penalty. Those topics have been around since the dinosaur age. Secondly, our goal is to enable you with the best possibilities of obtaining the highest grade. For that reason, we took into account that hardly any tutor is 100% impartial and strayed away from religious topics. Why would you write on and on how God is just a fiction if your professor is a regular at church every Sunday? And how are you to know that fact anyway? Also, discussing whether a vegetarian diet can harm a child’s health and raging about it can get you in trouble if the teacher himself/herself is a vegetarian and already fed up with everyone’s comments on the children’s diet. Therefore, the topics we have for you are supposed to provoke only interest in your most important reader, and not resentment or grudge. Finally, philosophical topics such as “What is love?” are crossed out. Why would you bother explaining something no one is sure about? Even the scientists can’t explain what’s going on in our minds and bodies. Such and similar issues were ruled out.

By the way, you might wish to skim through our list of American pop culture debate topics for today. That should be a decent list for argumentative essay topics for high school, and college, too. No one can escape pop culture, and we guarantee at least some of them are very funny argumentative essay topics. If you really like provoking people and dabble in controversial argumentative essay topics, then reading our list of 11 controversial questions for debate and persuasive writing  is a must.

The issues we have in mind on this list are given in random order because even though they are all effortless to write about, you’ll be pretty biased when choosing the topic, won’t you? Also, to take even more burden off your shoulders, we’ll give you arguments for and against for every item on our list. We promise that research to be done is minimal (if there is need of any).

So, what are you waiting for? Get your paper and pen ready for some brainstorming and read about 15 easiest argumentative issues to write about!

15. A college education is worth the cost.

Whether you are thinking of enrolling one, or you are already a freshman, this is something anyone has an opinion about. How many people do you know who have become successful without the college degree? Why should parents start saving up the moment their child is born? On the other hand, a good education should cost because it can guarantee a successful career. And so on, and so forth…

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