11 Countries with Highest Male Population

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The 11 countries with the highest male population list is, surprisingly or not, dominated by countries from Asia. Males have been regarded as better than females since time immemorial. While this stereotype has influenced history and culture for centuries, it seems that this false belief is finally coming to an end. We are starting to learn that while men and women are different, they are definitely equal.

Unfortunately, centuries of believing in male superiority has resulted in people wanting male children rather than female ones. This led to many people resorting to either aborting baby girls or infanticide. While this practice has decreased significantly, it has managed to create the world where, even though the odds of being born a boy or a girl are 50/50, there are 102 boys for every 100 girls.

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In order to determine the countries with the highest male population, we decided that simply focusing on the countries with the most males would not be an accurate representation, since that would almost certainly be made up of countries with the highest overall population. Hence, we decided to rank countries according to their male population as well as the ratio of male population to female. This has led to the list being dominated by countries from Asia, where women still don’t have equal rights and thus, have led to a population where having a male baby is still preferred over a female one. Some countries featured in the 11 countries with the highest Shia population make this list as well. We obtained data from Geohive.com, which in turn obtained the data from various reputable organizations such as the United Nations Statistics Division and the Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Using two criteria helps us cancel out the inherent biases present in any criteria, thus creating rankings that are more accurate. It is interesting to note that because of this measure, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates with the highest male-female ratios of 311 and 228 boys for every 100 girls respectively, fail to make the list due to their overall low populations. Otherwise, it is safe to assume that Arab countries would make up the bulk of this list.

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