15 Biggest US Government Cover Ups of All Time

The US government claims to be the moral police guiding the world, but it has always been a majorly corrupt institution as demonstrated by the biggest US Government cover ups of all time.

The US has taken upon itself to guard the world and protect it from evil, even if no one has asked it to do so. The US has often been involved in the affairs of other countries, throwing over regimes, killing dictators and dropping bombs on other countries. While it officially aims to improve the well-being of the citizens of those countries, it actually ends up causing significant damage, and worsening the situation in cases.

15 Biggest US Government Cover Ups of All Time


This is why the government often has to engage in covert operations, where the details are not made public due to the fact that they will be opposed by the public and because they are morally ambiguous. And when a conspiracy theory is revealed to be, the public collectively loses it. They start believing that everything is a cover-up and that the government is one big conspiracy machine run by the New World Order. This in turn leads to outlandish conspiracy theories being born and gaining traction, even if they are literally impossible. Even 16 years after 9/11 occurred, many people still believe that it was an inside job orchestrated by the US government as an excuse to invade countries, even though the US never invaded the country from which the bombers actually originated, Saudi Arabia! This has also led to the meme ‘Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams’ being born, mostly out of ignorance that has led to the belief that the 9/11 cover up is real. This article manages to debunk all the claims made by the 9/11 “Truthers”.

Often, when you read about such outlandish conspiracies, such as UFO government cover ups, you wonder how people can will themselves to believe something which is completely ignorant of logic and basic science. Well, if you want to learn more about the psyche behind this, you should read this extremely insightful article.

That is not to say that all outlandish conspiracy theories are false. Some, in fact, have been proven to be true and those are the ones we will focus on. Of course, we would never claim that the cover ups mentioned in this list have been successful; due to the fact that they have been exposed, they are definitely not the most successful cover ups and maybe a few decades later, the entries on this list may be usurped by newer, crazier cover ups. While we were focusing only on US government cover ups, governments from other countries demonstrate that this is not an isolated issue, as evidenced by the biggest government cover ups in history.

There is not an outright subjective method to determine the biggest US government cover ups of all time. After all, there are no standard metrics against which you can measure a cover up. Thus, we scoured the internet and various websites (that are named for each entry on the list separately), to learn about some of the major US government cover ups and conspiracies, and in the end, we came up with this list. We were shocked to learn about some of the atrocities the US government has committed and attempted to hide. But the truth finds a way, and that is why many of these came to light.