15 Best, Most Delicious and Expensive Foods in the World

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In our list of 15 best, most delicious and expensive foods in the world you are going to find dishes so mouth-watering you’d better grab a bite before you continue reading!

As you have already noticed, people have made an art out of wine and dine ritual. It is in human nature to constantly try to invent new sources of pleasure (in this case, gastronomic pleasures) and we have certainly crossed many borders in that attempt. While discussing the most expensive food dishes, most websites offering them focus on those that are covered in gold flakes (like one of the most expensive food in India, a Gold Plated Dosa), or even have diamonds on offer. However, our title clearly says “most delicious”, and since diamonds and gold cannot be vouched for to have any taste, or at least any that is appealing to the palate of an ordinary person, we have immediately crossed them out of our research. To summarize, when it comes to the most expensive food ingredients, we only included those that actually have some nutritional value. No gold, no gemstones, no diamonds, period. All the ingredients from our list are perfectly edible. Hence our choices fully deserve the praise from our title: the best!

 Best, Most Delicious and Expensive Foods in the World

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The “no gold policy” about the most expensive food in the world definitely made our search more durable and valuable at the same time. In order to provide you with the most delicious food we visited the websites of Cooking Channel TV, The IndependentBook a Table, CNTraveler, Luxe Adventure Traveler, to name a few, and picked 15 foods from different categories. Now would also be a good time to define what we mean by “food”. We definitely included cocktails in this category, but we strayed away from most expensive food in the world by weight. It seemed a bit unfair to include pounds or kilos into our list, so the prices given are prices of an individual serving or an item. In addition, all the tasty bits we named is something you can eat right away. This means that we didn’t enlist, for instance, world’s most expensive fish (which is by the way blue fin tuna, costing from $1,300 to over $670,000 per piece, as told by The Guardian).  Even though you can eat it raw (and it is actually highly recommendable), you would hardly eat raw the whole fish and call it a delicious meal. If your mouth waters by the very mention of seafood, take a look at our article on the Most Expensive Seafood in the World. The final criterion for our top picks was the price, so the food is listed according to its prices, from the lowest to the highest. Occasionally, when the prices coincided, the food which was more complex to prepare, or could reach a higher amount per serving, came higher on the list. X-rates calculator was used if the prices were provided in pounds to convert them to US dollars.

Now sit back, relax, take a bite and check out our list of 15 best, most delicious and expensive foods in the world.

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