15 Best Japanese Souvenirs You Should Buy in Tokyo

If you are planning a trip to Japan and you’re already thinking of souvenirs to buy, then take a glance at our list 15 best Japanese souvenirs you should buy in Tokyo.

Whenever we visit a new city or country, we wish to take a little piece of that place with us to remind us of that trip, the people we met there, and the things we’ve seen and tried. Collecting souvenirs is quite a serious hobby for many people, as these small things have great value and represent our impressions of a certain place we visited and wish to remember. Souvenirs are also great gifts for our loved ones. When it comes to Japan, this beautiful country has a lot to offer and plenty of small things you can take home with you that represent their rich culture. If your budget is tight, but you really want to buy something to remind you of the trip, take a look at our article we wrote a while ago — it’s about cheap things to buy in Japan. Books are surprisingly cheap in this country, so you can get a few books or buy a bunch of tissues or an umbrella, as these are also very cheap in Japan.

15 Best Japanese Souvenirs You Should Buy in Tokyo

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When you ask people for suggestions on what to buy when in Tokyo, recommended Japanese souvenirs almost always include buying some chopsticks. I guess this is inevitable, plus, it’s a great gift for someone who’s eagerly waiting for you to come back with a present. Other famous things to buy in Japan include different sorts of sweets such as limited-edition Japanese Kit Kats which feature regional flavors, and souvenirs featuring the Skytree landmark. If you want to buy something that is really popular in this lovely country, then check out the list of best selling consumer products in Japan to learn what people can’t do without in this country.

When buying a souvenir, the point is to buy something that cannot be bought anywhere else as this increases the value of your souvenir/gift. Plus, you can make your friend jealous (if that’s what you’re going for). So think of things you can only buy in Japan such as the origami paper which is also very cheap. In Tokyo, you can find authentic Japanese souvenirs of all sorts to bring home to your family and friends. To help you find cool things to buy in Japan that you can’t buy where you live we searched for some awesome stores in this city that you can visit if you are planning on shopping for souvenirs. Tokyo is filled with specialty stores that will amaze you and make you spend an hour inside, completely losing track of time. They contain an abundance of cute little things you can buy and bring home or give someone as a gift. Tokyu Hands and Don Quijote are just a few great little stores where you can find all sorts of interesting Japanese things. Known as ’everything stores,’ they contain everything you may possibly need.

Now to get to the point – in order to compile the list of best Japanese souvenirs you should buy in Tokyo, we did a lot of research. Suggestions from Reddit did help us in our search, but we also stopped by Compathy Magazine and Tsunagu Japan. We made our selection of best souvenirs you can get when in Japan that were mentioned most. However, the souvenirs are ranked in no particular order. Before we proceed to the list of 15 best Japanese souvenirs you should buy in Tokyo, check out the list of cool stuff to buy in Japan to get some more ideas.