15 Best Film Schools in the World in 2018

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Dear film lovers and future film students, today’s list of the best film schools in the world in 2018, is completely dedicated to you. So, my advice is that you read the article as you look at the movie – don’t stop until you reach the end.

David Lunch, Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton and many other film directors, were once in the same position of a starter, as you might find yourself. It is one hell of a road to take to be even near those names. Out of many students who study to become film directors, just a few of them get broadly known and successful. We can say it depends on the talent, but I must add that sometimes that is not as important as the opportunities you can get while studying. Opportunities are just not the same everywhere. If you are studying in one of the best film schools in the world, as time passes, you will realize that you are in the best position, in comparison to your colleagues in Asia, some parts of Europe and let’s say Balkans. In the US you have the freedom to shoot whatever pops into your mind and to very easily get financial support for it. Freedom of expression is guaranteed by the US constitution, and it is, indeed, respected! Moreover, as you will see, soon enough, some of the best film school in the world are precisely in this part of the globe.

 Best Film Schools in The World in 2018

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Even though the American film industry is very popular and rich, in my opinion, it cannot even compete with European movies regarding quality. European movies have a story in which you don’t know the end from the very beginning. Easy as that! And of course, some of the best film schools are in Europe, as well. Moreover, in the lists of top 100 film schools, usually within the first five places is some European film school, such as, for example, La Fémis in Paris. For other ones, you can check out our previous article — 10 Best Film Schools in Europe. On the other hand, we could say that Canada is somewhere in between Hollywood and Europe. Some of the top film schools in Canada are also on our today’s list, as well as in our previous articles. Don’t be lazy to read all about 7 Best Film Schools in Canada.

Our list of best film schools in the world in 2018 is a result of detailed online research and obtained information from sources such as Top Universities for the year 2018, EducationStoryBlocks and Film Lifestyle for a few previous years, and The Hollywood Reporter, among others. We took the most repeated suggestions for the best film school in the world in this year. In the same time, we tried to keep the openness and diversities; therefore we have best film schools from different continents. There is no particular ranking as they are all very good and respected. However, in order to have it clearer while reading, we put schools in little groups according to the continent they belong to. Furthermore, the continents go in alphabetical order. So, first we have America (the US and Canada), then Australia, Asia and finally Europe.

So, let’s see the top film schools in the world. Enjoy!

15. CalArts School of Film and Video

This LA film school is most famous for an extraordinary and, at the same time, peculiar film director – Tim Burton. He found the inspiration for fairy-tales films such as Alice in Wonderland and Edward Scissorhands, among others, precisely in this school. The tuition fee is $48,660 for all students excluding M.A. in Aesthetics and Politics students. If you are into animations, this school is the best choice in the whole Hollywood.

 Best Film Schools in The World in 2018


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