10 Hardest Countries to Get Laid in the World

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Getting laid in one of the hardest countries to get laid in the world does sound like a mission impossible, but it also sounds like a challenge Barney Stinson would gladly accept. So, if you are anything like him, check out the (challenge) list we compiled today and find out where in the world people are not just playing hard to get, but actually are hard to get.

Although we can say sex is the universal language of love, we can’t deny that culturally-based differences in sexual activity exist. Exploring different types of sexuality and sexual activity can be interesting, however, it also can be a bit overwhelming. After all, how many of you are having trouble understanding your own sexuality? Luckily, others can teach us about ourselves and learning about differences in how people have sex around the world can come in handy. So, if you’re a beginner, the best way to start your journey of sexual exploring is to boost your self-confidence, find a dependable wingman (Tinder) and above all to stay open-minded. Then, you can try your luck with 6 Easiest Ways to Get Laid on Tinder. Once you decide you’re “ready to go global” check our list of 10 easiest countries to get laid to find out what is the best country for one-night stands if you’re into that.

Hardest Countries to Get Laid in the World

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Now, let’s get back to our today’s topic and discuss why the countries on the list below are places where even the most experienced pickup artists have trouble getting laid. As we mentioned above, the cross-cultural differences when it comes to sex are something you should definitely be aware of when traveling to the foreign country. Because, besides personal, there are cultural reasons people (don’t) have sex. For instance, although sexual activity itself is not a taboo subject in the Muslim world, there’s a list of sexual acts that are not permitted in Islam. Their laws are set on religious principles that are a part of a longtime tradition. On the other hand, in western countries, laws are based on social and moral rules. In addition, the consequence of adultery in the western world is usually s divorce. Islam, on the other hand, prescribed severe punishment for a serious offense like adultery. So, better be careful when choosing where you want to get laid, it can be dangerous. In that way, Europe is safer, but it can be harmful to your wallet if you know what I mean.

So, to compile our list of hardest countries to get laid in the world we searched for countries with legal as well as cultural barriers for having sex outside of the marriage. We started our research with those countries that don’t consume much sex, guessing that people there are not very interested in sex or haven’t got enough time for it (yes, you read it right). Further, we looked for those countries which consider this “kind of fun” a legal offense or even a crime. We also checked different opinions on forums. In the end, we ranked countries randomly, however, those countries with severe punishments for adultery are placed higher on the list.

Please, let us know about your experience if you had a chance to visit one of the hardest countries to get laid in the world.

10. Japan

We are starting off with a country where people have long working hours, so they don’t have much time for their needs. According to statistics, this country has more dissatisfied than satisfied citizens when it comes to sex. When you add language barrier, it is quite a challenge getting your groove on in this country.

Hardest Countries to Get Laid in the World


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