13 Biggest Geysers in the World

Today we explore natural wonders for you; the 13 Biggest Geysers In The World. Geysers are spectacular; they fill us with excitement, shooting the hot water into the air, making an astonishing  sight to see. When nature’s processes around active volcanoes happen, magma’s temperature and flow affects underground water’s pressure and temperature. Then intermittent hot spring, followed by steam, rushes into the air, reaching big heights. Surface waters drop around 2000 meters into the ground, and get in contact with the boiling rocks and lava mass. The boiling creates huge amounts of pressure, resulting in geyser effect. This is called a hydrothermal explosion.


Geysers are truly remarkable geological features. There are predictable and unpredictable geysers. Also, there are the fountain type and cone type geyser. Geysers can spray bursts of boiling water and steam up to remarkable 1509 feet of height. This fact is surely enough to get you interested to see them, and add them to your list of places to visit before you die.

The biggest geysers in the world ranked by the height the hot spring reach are:

13. Fly Geyser, Nevada

Nevada’s Black Rock Desert contains the famous Fly Geyser. This nature’s exquisite feature was created partly by man. The water well drilled in 1916 provided the needed path for boiling water to erupt from depths. The drilling process went wrong and dissolved the minerals deep beneath the ground level, accumulating enough energy for water to erupt on the surface, in heights of 4 feet.

 jared ropelato/Shutterstock.com

jared ropelato/Shutterstock.com