25 Most Dangerous Countries For Expats

If you’ve ever thought about leaving your home country, definitely take a look at our list of the 25 most dangerous countries for expats.

For many around the world, starting a brand new life in an exciting new place is a dream, and the number of people who are making the choice to move to a foreign country is steadily increasing. This kind of major life decision will always come with certain hesitations, and there are multiple crucial factors to consider when it comes to picking up and leaving your home country. But arguably, most important of all is overall safety. Debating becoming an expat can be scary, but doing your research beforehand can help you to avoid ending up in a potentially dangerous situation.

25 Most Dangerous Countries For Expats


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In looking for the most dangerous countries for expats, we first identified the top 40 countries for expats. We sourced this data from Life Hack, CN Traveler, and Business Insider. We also got additional information from INC, Independent.co.uk, and International LivingWe took note of the countries appearing in all sources, and then ranked them based on crime rates, according to Numbeo. The higher the crime rates against foreigners, the higher their ranking on our list.

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