15 Best Places to Visit in USA in May

Grab your gear, it’s time for best places to visit in the USA in May. The green of May and the first taste of warm, summer-ish weather without all the heat is music to my ears. I would love to be reading the paper in the middle of the Central Park lawn on a sunny May day today. Instead, I’m writing weird inadvertent weather poetry in a blizzard. 

Still, there is still plenty of time to plan a great trip for May. People also tend to have a few long weekends for Memorial Day, or other lesser known holidays, like Girls Day (ask a Hawaiian.) May is a great time to travel throughout the U.S. before the heat of the summer melts you into a fanny pack and a puddle. But where are the best places? Well, we have the list for you. You may also enjoy 14 Best Places to Visit in the US in June.



Choosing the right place isn’t easy, especially if it is not during the hot summer days when the beach is the only thing on your mind. We decided to create a list of best places to visit in the USA in May because many people are interested in events and getting to know the culture from people who live in another state. Also, there are many people who can’t stand the hot summer days (Hi, I’m one of them!) and this time of the year will be perfect for them.

In order to create the list, we considered which places have the most pleasant weather in May, which places have the most beautiful beaches as well as temperature from Travel Channel, Price of Travel and Rough Guides. We also considered where are the most interesting events being held in May according to Fuse and USA Tourist. Because we thought it will be of a good use for you, with the help from Google Flights, we found some cheap flights from LAX to every listed destination and back, and we sorted the list by the price of a plane ticket in both directions (consider that the prices of a plane ticket may vary). Please enjoy best places to visit in the USA in May.