12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in December

If you’re wondering where to spend Christmas this year and which is the best Latin American country to visit, check out these 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in December! You’ll have a tough time picking just one for your season holidays!

December is getting nearer with every day, and you are getting more and more tired. And nervous. At work, the atmosphere is hectic. The bosses are anxious about the end of the year reports, and the employees are already spending Christmas bonus in their minds. Of course, everyone is also wondering how much is it going to be this year, or if there is even going to be one this year considering the crisis and all the other excuses you’ve been served over the year. The bonus that you are expecting has already been accounted for Christmas and New Year’s presents. Even though you’re thinking about it, you still haven’t bought a single one, have you? No wonder the panic is slowly creeping up on you and everyone around you. December is one stressful month, and perhaps even the toughest one of the year. The tension is rising gradually at the end of November, and it simply explodes in December. Why not just leave everyone running around like a headless chicken and say goodbye to all the craziness? Simply book a holiday in December. Somewhere far from all the hustle and bustle. Somewhere nice and warm in the middle of December, like in Central and South America.

12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in December


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What were our criteria for bringing you best countries to visit in South America and best places to visit in Central America? The keywords would be holiday season and weather. As we have mentioned before, December is a holiday season. If your vacation coincides with Christmas, that makes it even better, right? Why would you spend your days off, inside your home, when you can celebrate the seasons in the lovely sunshine? Snow angels are vastly overrated. How about scuba diving instead, and sipping a cocktail at the beach instead of mulled wine? Therefore, we started our search with Insight Guides and Telegraph to check the answers to — which are the best countries to visit in South America and Central America during the holiday season? The answers were more than delightful. Not only do these countries offer you wonderful Christmas holiday destinations with interesting customs and traditions, but the weather couldn’t be better either. Then, we consulted some blogs on MLJ Adoptions and Peru for Less. In order to expand our list, we checked On the Go Tours for the best time to visit Central America. We have already found our Christmas candidates there as examples for perfect December weather. Since we had two additional options, the one which had less precipitation as reported by Responsible Vacation successfully made the cut. If you wished to have some rainy weather in December, you would’ve just stayed at home, right?

However, there were some places like the River of Five Colors (Caño Cristales) and Las Lajas Sanctuary (Santuario de las Lajas) in Colombia which didn’t end up on our list, but we simply had to mention since they are too amazing to be left out. So, you should definitely consider visiting those as well.

Let us just mention briefly that if you are wondering which countries are safe to visit in Central America and South America, you’ll be pleased to know that our suggestions perfectly answer that question according to Oyster. Also, the countries and places are listed in random order because they are all amazing destinations with lots to offer. The climate is pleasant in all of them, they all have wonderful traditions and customs, and most importantly for some, they are cheap December holidays in the sun. Drinks, food, accommodation are more than affordable. TripAdvisor was our adviser on the best place to visit if our other sources recommended only the whole country instead of a particular place.

What is the best time to visit South America and Central America? The answer is – now! There is no time like the present to make the booking for your December getaway. Find your favorite in 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in December!