16 Best Places to Visit in USA in December

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What are the 16 best places to visit in USA in December?

Most people live for the holiday travel. They jump into holiday planning mode as soon as the leaves show the slightest signs of yellowing. This is despite December being one of, if not the worst, time of the year for a trip (especially where the trip involves kids). Traveling in December means putting up with holiday traffic, really, really, really long airport lines, and cranky people. And worse, traveling in December means having to put up with the surge in prices. Everything is just ridiculously more expensive than they are all year round – from airfares to hotel fees to ticket prices in every holiday shenanigan that needs entrance tickets. All this gets worse as your travel dates get closer to the holidays.

But of course, there are some things that you can only get out of a December vacation, making all the hassles that come with it well worth it. The kids are out of school, there are more days off work, and there are holiday-themed events and pageants that are worth experiencing. It can truly be hard to resist not booking a flight out on these dates – hassles be damned. And if that’s what you’re looking for, then this list of 16 best places to visit in USA in December is made for you.

There are basically two kinds of travelers in December: those who are looking for snow and those who are running away from it. That is why this list was harder to come up with and rank compared to our previous article on the 10 best places to visit in USA in the October. October is that one month where everyone is just looking to catch the last warm days of summer and watch the country – from the East Coast to the West Coast – magically transform from summer to autumn.

To please and include both types of travelers in a list that claims to have the “best” places to visit in USA in December, we put together the most highly suggested December destinations by our top sources (including Travel and Leisure, Hotel Cluster , Budget Travel,  USA Today, Trips to Discover, to name a few).  We’ve also consulted Weather to find the best winter states in the USA in December, for both the cold and warm weather seekers. We ranked them based on two qualifications:  (a) how often each destination was mentioned by the sources and (b) on how versatile each destination is on what it can offer its visitors. These qualifications ensure that we can offer the best suggestions for the most number of travelers – from families traveling with kids to couples in search of a holiday honeymoon destination.

So, where should you go this December? Bookmark this page, get your booking websites ready, and read on to know the 16 best places to visit in USA in December!

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