12 Best Countries to Raise a Daughter

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Raising a daughter is not an easy endeavor, but those living in one of the 12 best countries to raise a daughter certainly have good things going for them.

There is a huge responsibility that comes with having a child. It is not just a matter of financially providing for them, taking care of their health and making sure they are safe. The most arduous undertaking is teaching them good manners and imparting them with highest values. You want to make sure that they grow up to be an individual who can distinguish between what is right and what is wrong and act accordingly. Observing people’s behavior, I am inclined to think that many parents did not do their job well. How condescending of me to say that, right? Sure, one cannot blame bad parents for every single poor choice adults make, however, what you teach your children and how you treat them matters. It has a great impact on what kind of people they will grow up to be. If you sanction bad behavior at an early stage, chances are it will not repeat itself later in life. So, it matters that you criticize them when they bully their classmates when they steal candy from a local store or playfully kick a stray cat. It is also important that you yourself set an example to your children by showing love, compassion, and understanding towards them and towards others. Ultimately, these are the values to be cherished.

Before going on about the best countries to raise a daughter, I want to give you some food for thought. Even if a country provides their people with the best quality of life and optimal conditions for parenting, that does not eradicate a bulk of responsibilities you have as a parent. As I have already indicated above, the most demanding aspect of parenting is imparting children with proper moral code.This is especially difficult in the context of distorted value system. Even if a country provides good education, health care and is safe, it might not promote the values you prioritize. Raising a child then becomes even more difficult as you are placed in a position where you have to find a balance between what you are offered and your wants with regards to child raising. On the other hand, countries which are not considered to be the best for parenting, are not necessarily countries where being a parent presents itself as a problem. Ultimately, what kind of parent you are going to be and what childhood your children will have depends on you.

Best Countries to Raise a Daughter

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According to the survey conducted by InterNations, the best place to raise a family in the world in 2017 was Finland. People who took part in the survey were expats who rated 43 different aspects of life, including child care, education, and safety.  I honestly do believe their judgment. I have been writing listicles for Insider Monkey for some time now, and if there is one thing I learned so far, it is that Nordic countries excel at everything. The Czech Republic was 2nd on the list, coming very close to being the best country to raise a family in 2017. Israel, Austria, Australia, Taiwan, and Singapore were also among best countries to raise a family.

Another survey showed rather similar result. The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen was ranked 1st on the list. Oslo, Zurich, Stockholm, Vancouver, and Toronto also found their place on the list of best cities to raise a family in the world. Given that we are aware how racism has become a prevalent issue throughout the world, a couple of months ago we did a research on best countries to raise a black family. Canada came 1st on our list as the best country to raise a black family. 2nd best was Sweden, while Australia came 3rd. Africa.com suggests that South Africa is the best country to raise a family in Africa. Cape Town in particular, provides the best opportunities for a quality life of a family. Accra (Ghana) and Nairobi (Kenya) are also the options to explore for families.

If you are thinking about moving somewhere and you want to be sure you are making the right choice, then the list of best countries for expat families is definitely what you should look into. After all, moving abroad is a big decision and you would want to do proper research. If the administration is what bothers you, then you should also check out Insider Monkey’s article on easiest and fastest immigration countries in the world. We know that there are a lot of people who want to start a new life somewhere this year, so we took care that they are well informed in our article on easiest countries to immigrate to in 2018.

When creating the list of best countries to raise a daughter, I used the data concerning best countries to be a parent. After all, being a parent is the same experience whether you have a daughter or a son. The same rules apply in both cases. To rank countries, I used the results of the surveys conducted by InterNations and Best Cities for Families Index 2017, which I cited above. First-hand experiences are important, so I used the survey results as a primary indicator. Secondary indicators were quality of education and quality of health care system. To analyze the quality of education, I referred to the research on the best education systems in the world I did not long ago. In my research, I used the data on education worldwide provided by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). I obtained the data on health care system from the World Health Organization (WHO).

So let’s start with the list of 12 best countries to raise a daughter.

12. France

The last on our list of best countries to raise a daughter is France. France has made it to the list of best countries for families in both surveys. According to the WHO, France has the best healthcare system in the world. Furthermore, France’s education system is among top 50.

Best Countries to Raise a Daughter

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