13 Easiest and Fastest Immigration Countries in the World

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If you’ve ever come up with an idea to start a brand-new life, beyond the horizon of your homeland, you must be dying to find out which are the 13 easiest and fastest immigration countries in the world.

If you’ve ever come up with an idea to start a brand-new life, beyond the horizon of your homeland, you must be dying to find out which are the 13 easiest and fastest immigration countries in the world. Escaping mundane routine and getting know more about new cultures are some of the numerous reasons why migration is an accustomed term for many individuals all around the world. Generally speaking and according to BBC, the main reasons for migration might be either of economic (pursuit for work or career) social (search for better prosperity), political (moving from particular political mistreatment or warfare) or environmental (natural disasters) nature. These reasons may be further defined by so-called push and pull factors that are almost always closely connected – one might leave their country due to the poor state economy and move into a country well-known for its economic prosperity. So, is it worth to just push our luck in pursuit of dreamlike life? Well, the following countries which you’ll find on our list sound more than promising. Self-employment or retirement, studying in the country, or marrying the citizen are the easiest ways to get permanent residency in Europe.

Easiest and Fastest Immigration Countries in the World


Before we start, do you happen to know is there any difference between ‘migrants’ and ‘immigrants’?  Even though if you look up into English dictionary, you won’t be surprised to find that these two terms are in interchangeable relation – they are classified as synonyms. However, according to SDSU Professor Enrico Marcelli, a demographer who is into studies of unauthorized immigration, ‘migrants’ is an umbrella term, defining anyone who leaves their native country, but it is still in the moving process or eventually planning to come back to their hometown somewhere in the foreseeable future. This term is primarily used in Europe, and it also includes refugees or asylum finders. On the other hand, ‘immigrants’ is occasionally used in the U.S. and it is more likely to classify those people who are ‘legal permanent residents’ or those with a valid green card. Immigrants can be further classified as ‘Illegal, undocumented or unauthorized’ but they also may denote just ordinary foreign visitors, ones who do not plan in advance to settle down there. Well, never thought about that one. You can also find some additional info on The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Many worldwide countries, along with their local governments, are not so generous in accepting immigrants – for instance, even though they are facing a population decline on a daily basis, some Eastern European countries welcome neither immigrants nor refuges. On the contrary, some other highly developed countries such as Belgium, Brazil, France, Panama or Singapore smoothly offer a permanent residency to immigrants. Moreover, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Australia, France are ‘immigrants friendly’ countries for a quite long period of time. Singapore and Canada are the main two countries which give the citizenship easily, while Canada and Australia are the leading countries in offering permanent residence. But what if you’re planning to move out somewhere with your whole family or if you are a family-oriented type of person? Israel, Brazil, and Spain are the countries with the easiest citizenship by marriage. It will not surprise us that, for example, each member of your family has a different destination for a ‘perfect place to live in’ in their heads. In that case, joint actions but one decision must be carried up. If it is a teeny-tiny help, Austria, Finland and Sweden are in top three ‘family-oriented’ countries, included in Expat Insider Survey.  As for a work visa, The Netherlands, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand are in the top 4 easiest countries to get a work visa. You can also check our articles 10 Countries Seeking American Immigrants and 10 Easiest Countries to Immigrate To, to learn more about the subject. In case you are interested in cheapest citizenship to buy and which are the instant citizenship countries check out BBC’s citizenship for sale list. Nevertheless, if you want to know what is the easiest way to get permanent residence in Europe, the list below can help.

In order to make our list as reliable as possible, we consulted United Nations’ International Migration Report and World Population Policies. Therefore, our team took in consideration variables such as important points of countries’ immigration policy (including  major steps which has to be followed and basic requirements which must be met in order to become a legal citizen of specific foreign country), the main conditions under which potential immigrants can immigrate to foreign country (e.g., age of immigrants, income, marital status, etc.), foreign country’s prosperity status as well as location. Soon after our examination, we marked off the 13 easiest and fastest immigration countries in the world, ranking them from the least convenient to the easiest and the fastest countries to immigrate to, on the top. Now, let’s hit the road, shall we?

13. Spain

The last but not the least important place on our easiest and fastest immigration countries is taken by Spain. Their immigration policy is open — Spanish government sees immigration as to be extremely positive to economic growth. Spanish citizens believe that labor market needs immigrant workers. This country is preferred by Hispanic people for the linguistic and cultural links, African immigrants who can illegally enter Spain by sea, students and is also a popular retirement destination for its amazing beaches, warm weather, and geographical location.

Easiest and Fastest Immigration Countries in the World

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