12 Best Boarding Schools in the World in 2017

Not the most expensive, not the most exclusive, but simply the best boarding schools in the world in 2017. Our ranking isn’t based only according to the tuition fee. That is actually a secondary matter in our research. But let’s start from the beginning.

Boarding schools aren’t that popular among parents for no reason. They are excellent preparatory institutions for college, they offer independence and great socializing, as well as securing future business connections. Also, boarding schools have several options regarding staying on campus. Some schools have day students, and there is an option of staying in school only during the work week.

12 Best Boarding Schools in the World in 2017

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It was a challenging task to choose the best boarding schools in the world in 2017. When it comes to boarding schools, the most respected ones, such as Le Rosey in Switzerland, usually have extremely high tuition, or so it seems to the average citizen. Therefore, we decided to look through the lists of the most elite boarding schools in the world at Business Insider and MSN. True, we mentioned that money isn’t the main criteria, but it was a starting point. When you have schools that offer excursions to other continents, as opposed to visiting the nearby city, it is clear that such trips cost and are definitely worth paying. Those are definitely the best excursions, aren’t they? However, we deem the best boarding schools offer the best possible education and what better way to get it than to attend small classes? Our list is compiled according to the teacher-student ratio, and you won’t find similar global lists anywhere. If we were talking about the most expensive private high schools in the US, such data would be easier to find, but here we are discussing the whole world. We collected teacher and student figures from the official schools’ websites, as well as from Study International, World-Schools, the Telegraph, MilitarySchools411Boarding School Review, etc. Why is student-teacher (or teacher-student) ratio so important? We believe time and attention a teacher devotes to a student is what can make the difference in students’ performance and knowledge.

Of course, sometimes two or more schools had the same student-teacher ratio. It seemed unfair to compare them according to excursions or campuses since all of them are situated in wonderful nature and offer the best possible conditions regarding boarding and sports facilities. Therefore, the school whose tuition was lower came higher in such cases. After all, isn’t it better to pay less for the same amount of teacher time?

Also, all the schools are co-ed, which means they are accepting of both boys and girls. We wished to incorporate only those educational institutions which don’t discriminate potential students in any way (based on their gender or religion). If you are interested in similar best boarding schools in the world lists, our articles on the 6 best boarding schools in the world, the 10 most expensive boarding schools in the world, and 11 most elite boarding schools in the world could come in handy.

Finally, let’s take a look which schools are on this list of best boarding schools in the world in 2017.