11 Most Elite Boarding Schools in the World in 2017

Somewhat surprisingly, when we talk about most elite boarding schools in the world in 2017 there is one country that takes precedence over the others. But, we are not going to tell you which country is that, at least for now. We will keep you in suspense a bit longer. What we can tell you is that some of the most expensive schools in the UK are also on the following list, but Great Britain falls far behind our mysterious country.

The importance of education is undeniable and continually stressed both at schools and at home. Provided one possesses the excellent knowledge, he or she can apply to the desired university, and later opt for the aspiring career and reach success. And there is no better institution to train you for that than boarding schools. These schools are usually meant for high flyers. The student body normally consists of ambitious, hard-working, and, actually, extremely lucky boys and girls. Though sending the children away from home may seem like a daunting prospect to some parents, the truth is that boarding schools provide them with lots of opportunities. First, there is the feeling of independence which inevitably leads to maturity. Secondly, boarding schools have an excellent student-teacher ratio that could never be achieved at a regular school, and thus maximizes the learning process. Next, not only do these schools stretch their students academically, but they also offer amazing sports facilities. Who wouldn’t like to go to a school that offers such a huge variety of physical activities, from horse riding to skiing? In order to have all those sports courts and fields, most of the schools are located in beautiful places surrounded by nature, far away from the smog and daily hustle and bustle. Moreover, did you know that students who attend elite boarding schools visit locations that most of their peers only dream about? Last but not the least, students often make life-long friendships here.

11 Most Elite Boarding Schools in the World in 2017

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Having already dealt with the 6 best boarding schools in the world list, we stepped up our game in bringing you eleven top boarding schools. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “elite” as “a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence”. The institutions listed are all famous for being exclusive, high-priced and difficult to get into. Most families that send their children to these schools possess great finances as well as political influence. Having great funds is basically a must since the scholarship fees are extremely high. In addition to that, some boarding schools take pride in the fact that they have educated world renowned leaders, politicians, along with members of the royal families. In our attempt to construct the list of most prestigious high schools in the world, we compared the suggestions of Business Insider, the Daily Mail and MSN on this particular topic. When their recommendations coincided, we took it as a sign to put them in the higher rank. As for those schools that our sources weren’t unanimous about, we ranked them according to their annual fees and elite students who are currently there or have attended it. Admittedly, we considered royals and the wealthiest to be of a higher social status and therefore more “elite” than, let’s say, renowned artists or performers who are more widely known. Also, this is a list for the year 2017, so the latest news about the appalling abuse scandals in the Choate-Rosemary Hall School swiftly removed it from our list just before publishing this article.

Now, if you’re wondering which boarding high school to opt for, here are the 11 most elite boarding schools in the world in 2017.