Wallapop vs Letgo vs Offerup vs Craigslist: Best App to Sell Stuff

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We all go through the spring cleaning phases where we’re faced with a dilemma of Wallapop vs. Letgo vs. Offerup vs. Craigslist: the best app to sell stuff.

It’s difficult to choose sometimes, which is likely why most people have tried to list their items on every platform to maximize the potential for sale. If you’re trying to save time, though, it’s important to evaluate which app from Wallapop, Letgo, Offerup, to Craigslist is the best and go-to for making the most money and saving the most time.

In order to compare them, I looked at the house rules and the difficulty in app usage and navigation. From there I looked at the number of downloads, which is a concrete and objective way of evaluating the popularity of an app. The more downloads, the better, since this generally determines how many people are reached with the ads you place. I also looked at the types of items that can be sold. Some platforms don’t allow furniture, while others are designed specifically for this. Lastly, I looked at the user ratings on the App Store because if actual users love working with it, then you can be fairly certain it’ll be great.

I’ve been in a bind many times where I had to sell stuff before moving, and when that happened I primarily used Craigslist and Letgo. There is no easy way to get rid of your things if you plan to make money, though. People want to negotiate prices with you and often stop responding, and you also have to plan for a meeting place or a pickup. It’s a little dangerous, too, because if you are trying to sell furniture, then someone likely has to come to your house and pick it up. It’s always important to stay safe when you’re selling items locally. Avoid having strangers come to your house. Instead, pick a place with a lot of people during the light of day. I’ll often go to a busy coffee shop where I feel safest. This goes without saying, but trust your instincts and don’t give away personal information.

You also have to stay safe from scammers. The most popular scam I’ve encountered is where someone texts or emails you with interest in an item you’re selling and offers to mail you a certified check. They claim that when the check clears they will arrange for a pick up. This is not legitimate and your bank will be angry with you for trying to deposit a fake check. Certified checks sound like they would be a real thing someone could send, but when it’s a stranger from the internet, you can be guaranteed that it isn’t real. If you somehow end up with one, ask your bank to confirm whether or not it’s real before attempting to deposit.

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While you’re making sure to stay safe, try out some of the best apps to sell stuff.

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