8 Worst Dressed Countries in The World

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Let’s find out today which are 8 worst dressed countries in the world. Surprisingly, there are a lot of surveys about best-dressed countries in the world but not so many about worst dressed countries! So, we decided to be the fashion police and check out where men and women don’t think too much about what will they wear.

Did you know that the history of fashion design started less than two centuries ago? And the first widely recognized fashion designer was Rose Bertin, who „dressed up“ famous Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. But, if we consider the fashion we are accustomed to today, the first fashion designer will be Charles Frederick Worth, who lived in the 19th century. He owned his own fashion industry and he primarily designed for Elisabeth of Austria. Remember those beautiful crinoline-dresses? He made them popular, and women didn’t mind wearing those metal cages inside their dresses just to be stylish!

The first real fashion shows were organized at the beginning of the 20th century, when Western fashion was already strongly influenced by the East, by Jeanne Paquin. The famous androgynous style became popular in the early ninety-twenties when women tend to be thinner and threw away their corsets and baggy clothes. The sporty look was popularized by Coco Chanel, as well as the popular little black dress and the bob hairstyle. Haute couture was popularized again in the 1950s, with Dior, Balenciaga, Balmain, and Givenchy. But that was only the beginning of changing the popular fashion styles decade by decade, from the revolutionary style in the sixties crowned by Twiggy, through the hippy-seventies, spectacular-eighties, minimalist-nineties to the variety of styles in the 21th century.

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We traveled through the history of fashion for a while to remind you of all  fashion styles invented by creative individuals, but now we will move away from the fashion shows, bright lights, and catwalks, to find out what people actually wear on the daily basis. It’s not like you wear the iconic fashion pieces and drink one of 11 best tasting tequilas in the world when doing daily tasks, don’t you?

The surveys that we have found on the internet regarding the worst dressed countries in the world were the following: the survey conducted by the shopping website „Ciao“ (source Daily Mail)and the portal „Zoover“ (source Falanga). They have asked for their visitors’ opinions about the worst dressed countries in the world. We combined the results from these two surveys to make our own list of 8 worst dressed countries in the world. We have also included one of the surveys done by the Titanic Awards (source Huffington post) which also asked the visitors about the world’s worst dressed nations when they are visiting another country as tourists. We awarded the country on each list with 8 points if it was in the first place of the list, with 7 points if it was the second on the list and so on, and added up the numbers to make our own list of the worst dressed countries in the world. So, let’s see together which country is the least fashion conscious (speaking of the majority of population, not individuals):

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