13 Mysterious Photos That Science Cannot Explain

Mystery lovers will certainly enjoy the list we prepared about 13 mysterious photos that science cannot explain.

Sometimes, we can’t even believe our own eyes. That’s often the case with some photos that cause rumors to spread and mysteries to be created around them. You probably remember at least one mysterious photograph that raised discussion worldwide and caused people to develop their own theories. Many of these mysteries actually had a simple explanation but people continue to believe their own theories. Does this mean we’re simply gullible or that we enjoy an occasional mystery because we are bored?

13 Mysterious Photos That Science Cannot Explain


Whatever the case, stories about mysterious images that cannot be explained continue even today. One of such mysteries was about the Loch Ness Monster, a bizarre creature living in the waters of the British Isles. When Gordon Holmes filmed bizarre movements in the lake back in 2007, it was an additional proof that the strange monster really does exist. Countless stories were then spread to support the fact that the monster is real but the mystery was resolved by US computer experts who analyzed the footage and discovered that the creatures were actually eels up to 15 feet long, according to Express.

This is just an example of a story that evolved around one photo that may or may not show something extraordinary. In history, there were so many examples of such photos that it was difficult to limit ourselves to just 13 photos in this list.

I guess there is just something people really like about creepy photos that cannot be explained because, we must admit, it’s interesting. No matter how rational you are, certain photos will make you wonder and abandon your rational thinking at least for a moment and admit that not all theories are crazy. Somehow the stories are always dreadful and include mysterious creatures. But what baffles me is that there are indeed, photos that were not explained to this very day despite the advances in technology and science. Such photographs still raise controversy and even fear among people because the bottom line is that we don’t like not knowing something. It’s not only about creepy photos, people are also fascinated by the thought that aliens exist and so they believe many different theories involving aliens. If you are one of them, check out this article about best alien documentaries to watch on Netflix in 2017.

You may have forgotten all about these strange images that can’t seem to be explained, but we haven’t. We decided to bring them together in a list, so we did our research. To collect these mysterious photos unexplained, we visited theChive, Providr, and watched a bunch of YouTube videos. We must warn you though because some of these photographs might be a little scary so prepare to see them. They are maybe even the mysterious photos that should not exist. Nevertheless, we provided links to videos showing these mysterious photographs so you can take a look at them. For those we couldn’t find videos, we provided links to articles discussing them so you can check those out too. These are the 13 mysterious photos that science cannot explain.