11 States Where Gay Marriage is Legal

Same-sex marriage is a polarizing topic wherever you go, and these 11 states where gay marriage is legal have had their share of controversies before laws were passed allowing gay marriage. For every person in favor of same-sex marriage, there will always be someone opposed to it. In some parts of the world, LGBT communities still suffer from humiliation, discrimination, and violence, with zero tolerance even for expression of gender identity.



Times are a-changing, and as what our previous article of the 22 Countries Where Gay Marriage is Legal has mentioned, there has been a silent revolution, so to speak, as people have been warming up to the idea of the LGBT movement and the effects that come with them. In the United States, same-sex marriages had been permitted since June 26, 2015, when the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriages during the case of Obergefell v. Hodges. The court asserted that the ban on same-sex marriages is illegal and unconstitutional based on the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. This follows a lengthy crusade by the LGBT community for recognition of their rights and especially their right to marriage.

However, even before the landmark ruling of Obergefell v Hodges, there are several states where gay marriage is already legal. Most of these states have made same-sex marriages legal by virtue of a court decision while others have been through the state legislature. As we will see in this article, these 11 states where gay marriage is legal have been performing marriages between same-sex couples for a while already even before the case of Obergefell v. Hodges was heard. This list focuses on the states that have legalized, either through state legislature or court decisions, same-sex marriages.

Without further ado, we present to you the 11 states where gay marriage is legal.