11 Most Successful Shark Tank Businesses

Ever since being hooked on to Shark Tank, we have come across so many brilliant entrepreneurs and business ideas that it just has us wondering which the most successful Shark Tank businesses of all time are. For those who still have no idea what I’m talking about, Shark Tank is a popular and much acclaimed American reality TV series that features aspiring entrepreneurs as contestants as they make their pitches to a panel of shark investors.

For contestants who land up on the coveted platform, it is a golden opportunity to be able to showcase their products to billionaire tycoon investors of the likes of Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John. But even the ones who have failed to excite the ‘sharks’, actually have gained an edge just from being on the show for their products are showcased in front of some 10 million viewers at one go! Most of them experience notable sales pick up after appearing on the show and tap potential customers easily. Hence, it’s a win-win either way!

Minerva Studio/Shutterstock.com

Minerva Studio/Shutterstock.com

The business ideas that some of these entrepreneurs come up with are the most interesting, novel and sometimes downright bizarre that it not only amuses us but also inspires us to dig into our imagination and come up with brilliant innovation ourselves. Because, apparently, everything from personalized cat drawings to hand-knit wine bottle wraps, is a potentially successful business idea these days!

But, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is looking to give crazy a miss, you could try The 7 Most Popular Businesses You Could Start. Who knows maybe a little improvisation on them and you could even make a pitch at Shark Tank yourself.

As the show rolls into its sixth season and more unique business ideas are coming up, let’s take a look back at the ones who did actually turned into big success stories and examples for others. Intrigued? Read on then!