11 Most Sold Shampoo Brands in the World

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Washing our hair is something all of us do, so taking a look at the 11 most sold shampoo brands in the world should help us have a clearer image in mind about what other people prefer and whether they match our own likes and dislikes. In this regard, you can also check our article on Most sold board games ever, to see what are the most favorite games in the world.

As a small history lesson, shampoo was being used in India since ancient times, or, more specifically, a variety of herbs and extracts from these herbs were used for hair washing. Then, when the Europeans came back from India in the colonial era, they also brought back new habits, including the shampoo. The word itself dates back to the 1700s and is derived from the Hindi word chāmpo.

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Liquid shampoo as we know today was eventually invented by Hans Schwarzkopf in Berlin in 1927, also creating a well-known brand in the process, albeit it’s mostly sold in Europe, covering a number of hair care products, including hair dye, styling products and more.

In the beginning, soap and shampoo were pretty much similar, and it took another few years before modern shampoo was invented, using synthetic surfactants rather than soap.

Nowadays, it’s something we all use in our daily routines. Whether we choose generic brands or more specialized, dermo-cosmetics for washing our hair, we all have such products in our bathrooms. There are dozens upon dozens of brands, some more efficient than others in what they promise to do – keep off dandruff, make your hair shinier, help keep the grease at bay – so in order to figure out which are the most sold shampoos we took a look at quite a few sources before crisscrossing the brands there.

Brands that made an appearance on Statista’s list were granted 5 points for each entry and another 5 points for the entries on the Kantar top beauty brands, the latter including more than just shampoo brands.

So, take a look at the 11 most sold shampoo brands in the world and let us know if your favorite is on the list.

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