11 Most Sold Board Games Ever

What are the most sold board games ever? Some might say it’s a thing of the past: board game night, where families across the world pull out tatty cardboard boxes and battle out their skills around the table. But fear not: the digital age does not have to signal the end of days like these, just because many kids choose to play games on their consoles (check out our article on the best selling video games of all time). It is fun to remind ourselves of some of the huge successes that filled our leisure time in days gone by. And that’s not to say they’re not still played today – board games are enjoying a resurgence, with many featuring online equivalents.



A lot of internet sources claim to be ‘the most sold board game’, with grossly exaggerated sales figures, so we have trawled through the data and cross-referenced our sources to ensure we have the most reliable list of the top 11 most sold board games. Now for you to decide: which was your favorite?

11. Risk

Risk was invented by French film-director Albert Lamorisse in the 1950s, under the title La Conquête du Monde (Conquest of the World). The aim of the game is to occupy as many territories as possible, eliminating their opponents along the way. In 2001, a new version (Risk 2210AD) allowed players to extend their colonizing skills to include taking over the moon and beneath the sea. The game, which can last as long as eight hours, is now enjoying further success in its digital version.

 Most Sold Board Games Ever - Risk