11 Most Profitable Universities in America

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If you are searching for a college that pays off check our this list of 11 most profitable universities in America. The rising costs of education have forced many students to change their priorities when choosing a college. Unlike the 70s generation who based decisions about attending a certain school on non-financial reasons, for many millennials question whether attending a particular college is a smart investment is high on the agenda. So in this ranking, we try to answer the question – can a student expect that the money they spend on tuition and fees will return once they graduate and start a career.

Most Profitable Universities in America


On this list, you will find world’s top educational institutions with a long tradition, alumni network, which includes Nobel laureates, Academy Award winners, billionaires, famous athletes, in general, people who have left the mark in a global society. Also, you will discover that graduates on our ranking earn from $61,400 to $78,000 at the beginning of their career, which is from 27 to 61 percent more compared to the average annual mean wage of $48,320 in the US. Note though that colleges, which appear on this list are not among the cheapest in America, far from it. The most expensive one charges tuition of $47,668. On the positive side, these are wealthy institutions that can afford to grant generous financial aid to a significant number of students.

In creating the ranking of most profitable universities in America, we’ve relied on Forbes’s list America’s best value colleges, which took into account tuition costs, school quality, graduation success and post-grad earnings, and Pay Scale’s report Best Universities and Colleges by Salary Potential. We’ve compared two lists to find out which schools are the most profitable today. When you finish reading this ranking, do not forget to take a look at our previous list 11 most profitable YouTube channels.

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