11 Most Profitable YouTube Channels

What are the 11 most profitable YouTube channels? Do you remember the days when people were complaining that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) paid a mindboggling $1.6 billion for Youtube? Nowadays Facebook is paying more than 10 times that for a smartphone app. YouTube has definitely changed the online landscape. From being a platform to post any type of video media freely, it has become one of the most booming businesses online. Today a lot of video websites try to emulate the success that YouTube has. However, in terms of popularity YouTube is unrivaled. The most significant thing that YouTube has done in recent memory is to give people the opportunity for a career and fame. YouTubers are considered as one of the highest earning people online and many are trying their hand at creating their own channel to try and emulate the others’ success.

Depending on your viewpoint, you can even count YouTube as a contender for the 5 Most Profitable Online Businesses You Can Start Today. The competition however is very tough nowadays with more and more people starting their careers through the website. One of the main reasons YouTubers earn well is because of ads. They get paid depending on how many people view their videos as well a how many interact with their videos via subscribing, liking and commenting.

Bakhtiar Zein/Shutterstock.com

Bakhtiar Zein/Shutterstock.com

Insider Monkey has compiled information from the data website Social Blade and the YouTube Money Calculator to give you an accurate ranking of 11 most profitable YouTube Channels. We ranked these channels based on an estimated channel/video views. The exact figures earned by these websites are a function of their video impressions. Our revenue estimates are extremely conservative as we assumed that these channels earned revenue only from banner ads. We didn’t take into account video ads which have much higher CPMs. We also didn’t consider ancillary revenues obtained when these viewers visited each channel’s other websites or purchased merchandise sold by these channels. Sites with more subscribers are likely to repeat their strong performance in the future. Let’s find out more about the 11 most profitable YouTube channels.

11. News

BBC – Over 2.7 Billion Views
Overall Earnings $3-9 Million

News has been one of the things that have been really changed because of sites like YouTube. BBC has the most subscribers in this category providing the network additional revenue.

Most Profitable YouTube Channels - News

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