10 Most Profitable Companies in the World in 2015

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These 10 Most Profitable Companies in the World in 2015 have earned the biggest profit so far. With changing trends and tighter competition, it’s hard to believe how some companies manage to still be at the top. Every year it takes a lot more resources to come up with products that will entice the market. With that said a lot of the companies listed here have been earning well because of their well-established names. These companies have earned so much and are valued so much that they are included in the Fortune 500.

A lot of companies have definitely been earning well in different sectors. Even companies who aren’t really made for profit are earning well due to things like popularity, partnerships, sponsorship and donations. You’ll find out more about these in our list of The 10 Most Profitable Non-Profit Companies. If you happen to take on the right opportunity at the right time, money is sure to move forward. These companies are expected to continue to be a few of the highest earners in the coming years. While we can’t predict the future, these companies definitely have the extra resources needed to adjust to the demands of the future.

Insider Monkey has ranked this list based on the highest earners from Fortune 500 and Forbes. We consider these companies since they are known as the wealthiest and most profitable companies around the world. Let’s find out more about these 10 profitable companies in the world in 2015:

10. Samsung Electronics

Profits this year: $21.9 B

The South Korean giant has really been doing well as of late being one of the most dominating names in the mobile and appliance industry. They continue to extend their reach and are now supporting platforms like Cable Television, Information Technology, Digital Cameras and much more.

Most Profitable Companies in the World in 2015 - Samsung Electronics

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