11 Most Popular Songs about Friendship

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In honor of long and joyful friendships, we’ve created the list of most popular songs about friendship. Musicians and songwriters find inspiration in many themes such as love, money, and friendship. We already published an article about the 11 most popular songs about money, therefore, using similar methodology we’ll provide you with the list of most popular songs about a more lovable topic (at least for some).

Kelly Roland, Michelle Williams, Beyonce Knowles 11 Most Popular Songs about Friendship

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Many artists sing about friendship, from pop and hip-hop artists to rock and roll legends. Since there are so many songs about friendship, it’s hard to create the list of only eleven most popular. On the other hand, this is a somewhat easier job then creating the list of best songs about friendship considering how music tastes differ from one person to another. For this list, we just had to find the way to measure the popularity of songs that sing about friendship. Hence, we’ve used already published articles on this theme provided by the Billboard, Song Facts, Fuse and many more. Then, we used YouTube views as a criterion of the song popularity, adding one point for every million views. Next, we added another ten points if the song reached the Billboard “Hot 100” list, and the bonus of 5 points if the song was ranked as number one. After calculating the total results, we’ve compiled our unique list of most popular songs about friendship.

Gather around with your friends and take a look together.

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