11 Most Expensive Preschools in America

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What are the most expensive preschools in America? This is the question which most parents ask when the worry of choosing their child’s first school envelops them. It is true that the more expensive the preschool, the more attention your child gets. Not only do these schools provide a good academic experience to the students but also give them plenty of exercise and teach them important skills, like basic words of a foreign language or some arts and crafts.

 Most Expensive Preschools in America


Another advantage that these schools have is that usually, they offer middle and high school too, which means the student does not have to move anywhere else until he or she goes off to college. This is also why these institutions are extremely selective about their students, as they are most likely going to stay in the same school for many years to come.

But all these services and the exclusivity of the school is definitely going to be heavy on your pocket. Most of these schools charge an annual tuition fee of more than an astonishing amount of $40,000, which is more than the average cost of some undergraduate programs in the country!

The costliest preschools in the US are mostly in New York, so if you are looking to send your child to a school in The Big Apple, do check out our list of 7 most expensive preschools in Manhattan. If, however, you intend to explore your options, read on and find out the 11 most expensive preschools in America.

Due to the abundance of preschools in the nation, we have selected those schools which have been ranked most expensive on various websites like Parenting, Forbes, and AOL. Then, we have arranged these schools in the order of increasing tuition fee, for which we found the newest data on the official websites of those preschools, hence forming the following list. So read ahead!

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